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how do you report using bots for traffic

Who do you report sims that use bots to boost their traffic?

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Welcome to Second Life forums, Melaniee. You can submit an Abuse Report via the "Help" option inworld.  If LL agree the bots are indeed being used for the purposes of faking traffic, or are using up region resources, they will be removed. 

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LL dpes not say not to report them.. I would suggest using the "Other" Listing under report abuse, several sims in competition with mine use bots to boost traffic and search, one uses at lest 5 around the clock. No harm in tipping off LL as to who the cheaters are

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LL don`t want us to report them. They say that they monitor it themselves.



Linden Lab routinely looks at search results, and will treat use of bots to gain an unfair search advantage as an abuse issue. You do not need to file an abuse report for violations; Linden Lab monitors the search results.

To begin, Linden Lab sends a warning message to the land owner. If the issue persists, then account suspension or removal from search may result. If you feel there has been an unfair decision in this regard, use the abuse appeals process.