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Is a voodoo sploader allowed in secondlife.

does a voodoo sploader comply with the secondlife rules on gambling.


You can enter for free or pay to play and everyone wins a certain amount but the exact amount is different for every person.


If not legal what sploaders are legal.

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Sploders in general are not allowed under the gambling rules & they did all disappear when the rules first came in. Gradually they came back, first as "timed" ones that pretended there was skill involved and then the same old ones that always existed crept back in.

They are usually sold with the warning that even though they are not "legal", LL has decided to ignore them, but that could change if LL suddenly decides to ban them all. For the most part they are just fun and offer a way for clubs to get tips without using a tip jar.

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By definition, if there is no element of skill in the game, then it is gambling.  But then if you play for free, there is no gambling involved.  So to your original question, are voodoo sploder's allowed in SL, the answer is yes.   But that doesn't mean their use is not subject to other rules like traffic gaming.  So if you are thinking of buying one, use it wisely.


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Voodoo Spolders are a shame. they are the new Red Zone... I am a 7Seas fisher and I tp to a fishing contest and didnt can rezz because the Voodoo BotProtect banned me from the land and from ALL the OTHER LAND protected by this Voodoo BotProtect . Why ? No one of the Voodoo BotProtect managers answer to that question. they all say that they have bothunters ! "Human bot hunters" they said ! But why they added me to the ban list ? Nobody knows. They asked me if I have alts... thats means they are hunting cheaters with theyr IP adress. YES theyr bothunters are alts hunters, and YES they can hunt the alts only with IP adress... and where is LL ? REACTION !!! 

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