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How can i show offline when I go to sl?

Can anyone make their avi invisible to their connections while in SL? I know that in "My Second Life" homepage, you can click on an Avi and in the "Permission" options, you can uncheck "See my online Status", but that will only make them invisible on the dashboard's people list. If you go to their profile and they're in SL, they will appear online.

Is there any other way that an avi can stay invisible even if one goes to his/her profile? Thanks.

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Unfortunately, no. There are many ways to detect if you are online or not.

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Yes: Make an alt and don't tell anyone!

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All the previous answers are correct. If you are looking for peace & quiet in order to work on a project,do this:

I maintain a build platform that I don't invite others to and use the "Busy" setting & message to let folks know I'm not shunning them, per se, just really busy on a project.

If you are avoiding others actively, unfortunately the ALT method is best. Then of course you also need to not hang around your normal haunts when incognito or "the jig will be up" when your original Avatar's friends show up to see where you are.

You do have options to limit the look of your public profile on the SL website, but once you have friends, they can see your status there.

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