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How can i get marry in Second Life? Step by step.

I want to know step by step how can i get marry in SL, where do i have to go, what do i need, all kinda stuffs about getting marry.



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All you NEED in SL to get married is to send a partnership request to the person you want to marry. When they accept, you're "partnered," or married.

If you want to have a wedding, you can. Search for "wedding" inworld to find all kinds of places for everything you might want - location, "preacher" to marry you, wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, tux for the groom, DJ for the music, flowers, anything you could possible want for a wedding - including, probably, someone to arrange everything for you if you don't want to deal with it! But all you really need is to request partnership, and you're done.


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1.  Find someone you like

2.  Make sure they like you, too.

3.  Wait for them to ask you if you'll marry them

   3a.  If you get tired of waiting, you can ask them.  But be prepared for rejection.

4.  Make sure your fiance has money.  Lots of money.

5.  Visit a wedding planner

6.  Have your fiance give his money to the wedding planner

7.  Set a date

8.  Get invitations, invite all your friends

9.  Have your fiance get more money

10.  Have fiance buy a set of rings.

11.  Drag fiance to stores to look at wedding dresses.  Have him pay for the one you choose.

12.  Show up at wedding venue on the correct date and time

13.  Make sure fiance shows up too

14.  Walk down the aisle, using the handy "walk down the aisle" poseballs

15.  Stand and listen to the officiant's address

16.  Say your vows.

17.  Accept the partner request sent by your fiance.

18.  You're married!  Adjourn to reception

19.  While dancing with new husband, flirt in IM with the good looking guy across the dance floor.

20.  Repeat as desired.

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Getting married in Second Life is a virtual mirrage. It is not a legal mirrage. That is still something you will have to do in Real Life. But celebrating with your SL friends is most appropriate.