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Has second life virus?
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alguien me puede decir si alguna vez le ha entrado un virus en el ordenador por culpa de second life

Someone can say to me if at some time it has entered a virus in the computer through the fault of second of life

quelqu'un peut me dire si une fois il a entré un virus dans l'ordinateur par faute de second life


Thank you

merci beaucoup

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International question (your help is amazing, Marigold, it's unnecessary my help LOL) / Pregunta internacional / (I have no idea of French, apologies Valerie hehehe) Smiley Very Happy

No, nunca nadie ha cogido un virus por usar SL, puedes estar absolutamente tranquilo.

PERO nadie lo ha cogido siempre y cuando siga unas elementales normas de precaución: NUNCA descrgar SL de otro sitio que no sea el oficial, NUNCA dar la contraseña a nadie (ni siquiera si te la pide alguien que dice ser empleado de Linden Lab: los LIndens jamás piden la contraseña), NUNCA entrar a páginas web en las que tengas que loguearte con tu nombre y contraseña (y si esa página PARECE que es la oficial, mirar bien la URL: hay pishings que crean páginas parecidas a la oficial, pero viendo la URL se ve que la página no es la oficial).

Por lo demás, hay algún antivirus que, por la razón que sea, tiende a bloquear SL. Puedes añadir SL a la lista de sistios seguros de ese antivirus sin ningún problema.

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Non. Second Life n'a jamais véhiculé de virus ni infecté aucun ordinateur. Vous pouvez l'installer et l'utiliser en toute sécurité. Amusez-vous bien !

PS: Il arrive parfois que certains logiciels anti-virus détectent SL comme potentiellement dangereux. C'est faux. Dans ce cas, désactivez votre anti-virus pour installer SL et paramétrez votre Firewall afin qu'il reconnaisse Second Life comme programme accepté.

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Welcome to Second Life Answers, FanForever23.

I have been a resident of Second Life since November 2007, and have not experienced, or known of anyone else who has experienced, a virus that has been introduced to their computer that could be attributed to Second Life.

Having said that, most of the people who are residents of Second Life have the good sense to protect their computers with good anti-virus software that is kept updated.

Second Life belongs to Linden Lab, and they are not known for spreading viruses.

However, there are "phishing" organisations who may sometimes send out emails which may look like they have come from Second Life, or Facebook, or Paypal, or the major banking companies of the world, and unfortunately people do sometimes click on the links and give out personal information this way. BUT, good anti-virus software does give warnings of potential "phishing" sites when links in such emails are clicked on.


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I have never heard of anyone getting a virus through Fault of  SL.. Just be careful what links you click on . If somone sends you a link in SL thru a group or IM and you did not ask for it or even know who the person is. Do not click on it. You can be tricked in to going to an infected website.

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