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how i make skins in the game?
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With great difficulty.  Creating a new skin takes a lot of artistic talent and loads of patience.   To get a feel for what's involved, take a look at this beginner tutorial.>>> .  If you're really interested in learning, study resources like that and then ask lots of questions in the Texturing forum.  Otherwise, do what almost all the rest of us do..... buy skins.  Smiley Tongue

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Hi AaliyahQAkasha,

I am glad you are interested in creation in Second Life. You may use Gimp which is free if you don't have Photoshop. Skins aren't made in "game". They are done mostly in graphic programs and uploaded later. For every texture you need 10 L$ to upload it. In addition to what Rolig already adviced you may also find useful these resources.



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