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Problems with mesh upload(Marvelous designer+blender), tiny avatar attatched? what am i doing wrong?
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Ok so i made some mesh clothing in Marvelous Designer 3, and wanted to make the different sizes xs, s, m, l, xl. I tweaked my sl avatar to match those sizes and exported the mesh to obj files by using singularity (advanced>character>meshes and morphs> then i went in each head, upper and lower body to save the current mesh to obj.) i then imported the body parts into blender(WITHOUT AVASTAR) and after joining them, i imported the mesh clothing so i could shrinkwrap it to the different sizes of avatars that i joined. i got everything to look great in blender, first got it scaled down a bit then added a subdivision surface modifier and finally a shrinkwrap modifier with the avatar model i imported as the target. when i uploaded it into second life, it was teeny tiny and attatched to the tiny avatar model i had in blender and it was not shrinkwraped. im pretty new at blender, so i dont use it to make the mesh, marvelous designer is allot easie for me. i tried to import my joined avatar i made using blender into marvelous designer as a dae file and it doesnt show up. can someone either tell me how to import different sizes of avatars into marvelous designer or tell me what im doing wrong in blender? i know its probably a bit of a mess. but help will be sooooo much appreciated!

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if importing SL avatar to Marvelous D. set the scaling of the character to 100000.00 %

PS you cant make successful clothing without Blender from MD. They have to be rigged and MD can not do that