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Making clothes in GIMP?

I am planning on designing basic clothes on SL(at first). I will make a new avi and she'll be the designer and one to contact for questions. I also plan to make a blog for it too. The thing is..I do not have money to 'buy' photoshop, and heard GIMP is good in designing.

Is there a guide on here that's up to date about GIMP and making clothes for FEMALE and MALE avatars?


P.S - I found a guide.. but it maybe...dated?

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Other than changes to the Gimp UI and to SL clothes styles, I don't think that Natalia Zelmanov's tutorials are outdated, particularly.    The techniques remain the same, after all.   This tutorial by Seshat Czeret is about the same vintage, but worth looking at.

There's a more recent YouTube video that might be helpful:

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The mermaid guide is a bit outdated, but the basic principles she explains there still apply. (in terms of how to paint over the UV maps ) and the general Workflow in gimp- She mostly uses mainfunctions which barely did change in GIMP.
(There are rather new ones in addition now to make some things easier, but none of the main functionalities has vanished)

In addition to the other tutorial that has been posted as reply, i'll add this website here with lots helpfull tricks on how to create pattern, and folds, wrinkles etc..
As well as these:

PS. maybe you should also have a visit on the CReation Forum - Texture section of this Forum. It's always a good place to go when you have speciffic questions about a certain step or how to achieve something:


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