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How do I get a sculpt from blender to SL (ie format size, how to)? psst m on a mac
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I'm new to sculpt and blender. This is my first try test sculpt. I need to know the format and stuff to save or export the sculpt in so i can upload to SL. I saw a simmilar question but the answers were for windows computers when they posted links for a format converter kind of thing. I'm on a Mac so I couldn't use those solutions. From what i understand of the answers of that question is that I'll need ether an external converter or an add on for blender to make things into a tga like the regular textures we upload. Different answers for that other persons questions said to first save as a (.dae) and another said to save as a (obj.) so i'm not even sure which one of those i would need etc. I'm guessing i cant just open one of those in gimp and save as a tga.

the basic question is: how to i get the sculpt from blender to sl? given that i'm on a mac and have gimp available if that helps at all.

Unfortunatly whatever the solution is if i have to download anything i will need them to be things that r free please.


thanks ill look into that

ok i still need help on this, i went to the inworld location given in the answers, the board that had the product i needed sent me to a webpage with info. the webpage doesnt have a download since for some reason it has to be sold even the free version in world. the board with the version i want keeps sending me bk to that same webpage. the free product i was able to get only gave me an older version of blender than what i already have and is such a diff version that id have to relearn everything..... theres got to be a less convoluted way of exporting to the right format. the thing that i got downloaded and instlled still didnt have the format i needed it was just an older version of what i have. didnt help at all unless there r some strange instructions of what i have to do with the other papers in that folder to get them attached to my existing belnder ... idk cause like i said im new to this and need more info that what a blurry inworld board gives me


going to add that the blender version ive learnt on after much pulling out of hair is the 2.57 one and the information ive found for the python and prim star are for the erlier version which is wayyyyyy different and cant even open up my creation in the older version so without having to recreate the entire thing in a version i know nothing about isnt going to be realistic. is there a solution for the orriginal problem that fits my programs requiirements without me having to relearn and redo everything ive already done in the older version?

at this point all ive ended up with is a bunch of downloads that still dont solve my problem... it gave me the older blender (2 kinds) and more info i found got me the prim star and the python installer but i still cant get what i need. The solution posted below isnt showing to be user friendly. it seems like u have to be a computer guroo just to get it installed even if u use the older versions suggested. the primstar part of what u get when u download the items from that location doenst even have an instaler u have to follow some tutorial with computer code lingo. im a designer not a tecky so i deffo need a more user friendly solution as well.

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Visit in world and look for the Mac OS version of JASS-2.  JASS-2's basic version is free and is probably adequate for the routine sculpts you are making.  The PRO version is only a few dollars, though, so if you are planning to make a lot of sculpties and want to have as much flexibility as possible, that's the way I'd go.

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