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Cant find the "merchant outbox" in my viewer. Downloaded viewer of SL site. help? please?

I'm trying to get busy & sell some things in the marketplace. I went thru the forums & did some research & im stuck on this part about the merchant outbox. It's supposed to be in the menu Me>Merchant Outbox i think & its not there.

I downloaded the default viewer & its the one im using. I also downloaded Firestorm but i dont know where to begin in that viewer.

Any help? Tips? Just trying to get my entrepreneur on. Thanks Smiley Happy

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That feature isn't live yet on the main grid. There is a new "Direct Delivery" system coming, which will use that "Merchant Outbox" to send content to SLM, without a magic box to host it. But it is so far only on the beta test grid.

When it goes live on the main grid, you'll need a viewer update to see it. Older viewers won't have access to that feature.

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There's no such thing as a "merchant outbox", but you may be thinking of a Magic Box.  Until SL finally gets through beta testing with the system that is meant to replace them, Magic Boxes serve as the real virtual stores for each of the merchants in Marketplace.  Your items for sale are all stored in a Magic Box (a scripted prim that links to Marketplace by HTTP), which then receives information about sales and takes car of delivering each ordered item.  You can get Magic Boxes free in Marketplace (search for them).  To install and use one or more, read this >>> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Selling-in-the-Marketplace/ta-p/700193#Sec... and, more genarlly, the entire article that it's in.

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Im in the same predicament as the Questioner. I have Pheonix firestorm and I cant find the Merchant out box. In reply to some of your answers in relation to selling, it takes me back to the same spot and all it tells me is:

  1. Open the MERCHANT OUTBOX window in the Second Life viewer by choosing Me > Merchant Outbox.
  2. Drag items you wish to sell from your inventory into the MERCHANT OUTBOX window.
  3. Organize items into folders in the Merchant outbox if they are meant to be sold together.  You do not need to box items in order to sell more than one item in a single listing on the Marketplace.
  4. Click the Send to Marketplace button to upload all items from your Merchant outbox to the Marketplace website.
  5. Im still stumped to where this tab is!!!
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did you ever find out how? I am stuck here too. No idea where to find  MERCHANT OUTBOX window in the Second Life viewer by choosing Me > Merchant Outbox.

Can someone please help? Thank you!

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Actually there IS a "Merchant Outbox".

It was just released today but even tho its supposed to be there, I don't have it on my LL viewer for some reason.  Everyone else has it under the "Me" tab as you stated, but mine for some reason isn't showing up.



Anyone else have this issue? 

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I've just stumbled on this, I've been out of SL for some time. I have still been using the magic box, however I found the merchant outbox in firestorm, it the second option under avatar. I have quite a few items in my magic box.. I hope they give an easy way to switch over when they roll this out permanently..

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In addiition to the great previous answers, a useful article of the Knowledge Base: Selling in the Marketplace

ETA as Rolig says LOL I need more sleep Smiley Happy