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how to play the games in casino's etc..

Okay so im going to sound stupid but I never do this stuff so..well In SL casino's and game sites etc how do you play the games there?

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Heheh... I never play them either.  If I wanted to learn, though, I'd just walk up to someone who seems to know what's going on and I'd ask.  See if you can find the owner or someone wearing a Manager tag.  Send a nice, quiet IM.  You should get a polite response.  After all, he wants your business.  Smiley Wink

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Hi, I play them all the time, here are some suggestions to add to the ones you were given already. The suggestion about asking for some advice / help from other players is usually a good idea (unless they look busy playing a game) and it is a good way to make friends. In addition nearly every game in the gaming areas (there are no casino's in s/l) will have a "how to play" information note card that you can get by clicking on the machine and choosing information. If the game does not have that feature, somewhere nearby you will find a sign that has directions and information about how to play and how to score the game.

The most important thing to look for is the Free game .. these are like practice games, they cost nothing to play and you cannot win anything, but you can play the game and see what it takes to win (and lose .. LOL ).

Hope this helps and you have some fun at it

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