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how do you have avatar sex
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Interesting answers. Those are some of the possibilities.

You can select various levels of avatar sex. There is a visual aspect. You can get more or less photorealistic genitals that are anatomically correct and functioning. Some look like a golf ball on a tooth pick... Some come with a HUD control panel and some do nothing. Some will detect other people with the same sexual preferences. There are also separate HUD's that will handle detection. There are lots of combinations and options. Cost are from free to 2 to 5 thousand L$.

There is an auditory aspect. Some people prefer to use voice, others hate voice and will only engage in text-chat-sex.

Some people use Skype and cameras to see RL. Some sexual experimenters want to remain anonymous and will not share RL info. Others want to meet up in RL to hook up.

There is a physical aspect too. Some of the genitals, toys, and HUD's connect to RL sex toys via the computer's USB port.

You can see the possibilities are extensive. I suggest you use in-world Map Search to find the Adult Hub. Visit it and ask someone. It is a good way to meet people. We all started out wondering how this pixel sex thing works. So, we expect new people not to know. So, avoid being embarrassed and ask away in-world.

Rather than shop for genitals like you would a car, best features, price, etc., Find people to help you. Brands of genitals work best within the brand. If your partner(s) has the same brand, things tend to work better. If you are more into the role play part of it, then the mechanics of the genitals is less important.

Just as in RL there are pickup places and ...bordellos, escort services. There are dance clubs, nude beaches, BDSM castles, and all sorts of places to pick up people. The age of your avatar and appearance are big factors in who you can pick up. Those who have been in SL longer tend to avoid noobish partners. So, you may want to hire an escort less for sex than to teach you how all the stuff works. You can also be up front and ask cute babe or hunk to help you learn how things work.

You will most definitely want to avoid a newbie look. A good skin and shape are key factors in how SL users determine an avatar's age. In that regard... because an avatar shows as 2 or 3 days old, does not mean they are really 2 or 3 days old with no experience. Users do tend to have more than one avatar. So, detecting age/experience is more about their behavior and appearance.

There is also an aspect of who the person is behind the avatar. Some attempt to determine if the avatar operator is male or female. It is difficult to know, which is why some go for video camera sex or voice sex. Voice simulators are getting better, but many claim they can tell. The voice simulators used for radio and movie sound tracks are nearly flawless. People can get cheap ones at spy shops. Some try to use Facebook pages assuming no one would fake a personality on Facebook... naive. 

Sex in SL has an Alice in Wonderland surrealisum about it. Worry less and have more fun.

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Sit on a poseball and wait for some other nooblet to drive by and sit on the other poseball. Then chat "mmmmhhhhh", "ahhhhhh" and "c##ming!" in any order of your choice.

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The same way you do in RL, except you have to get a *bleep*... errr, equipment for your avi. There are plenty of male and female "accessories" on the marketplace. Oh, and you may need to learn about using poseballs too.

Other than this, meeting people is a good way to start. No need to say that you will have to be age verified if you intend to explore adult rated places. A search by key-words inworld will lead you right there.

Here is some litterature for you.

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1) Think and imagine sex.

2) Remain thinking and imagining sex

3) More please, more thinking and imagining sex.

4) Read the great valerie's answer.

5a) If you are a RL woman, at that time you should think if you really want to have SL sex using a mouse and a heyboard and sitting on a chair ... or if you prefer close SL and to have RL sex (single or accompanied).

5b) If you are a RL man, I'm not sure if you could get to point 4 after making the first 3. But if really you have readed the valeri'es answer, probably at this moment you are teleporting inworld from place to place eagerly looking for sex.

Just mi opinion.

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u say **bleep**ing,screaming,make me **bleep**!!!lol u just had sex


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Seeing the avatars having sex on the screen requires some sort of purchased animation sets, most commonly accessed by rezzing a set of pose balls and the avatars getting on the pose balls, the same way they would get on a scripted couch to sit on it.

Furniture scripted to provide sex animations can also be purchased - for example a bed, a couch, or even an office chair might have scripts that put the avatars sitting on them through a series of animations that simulate sexual activity.

An adttachment like a HUD can also rez pose balls for sex, if it is scripted to do so.

In general, you have to be a verified adult and go to a store in an Adult-rated sim to purchase sex animation equipped stuff. It's also possible to find some sex animation things sold in Mature-rated sims, but less likely due to advertising restrictions.

For the avatars themselves, the bodies provided by LL are neutered - they have no genitalia. You can purchase female skins that have graphic detailing in the genital areas (so-called 'mature' or 'adult' skins). You can purchase prim attachments for more detailed male or female genitalia. Sometimes these include scripted animation capabilities themselves, and sometimes they will include scripted capabilities to respond to others using similarly scripted attachments.

All sexual activity accessories in SL are user-created content, with animations and scripting and prim work that was made by the users, and is sold by one user to another. Assuming you are verified as an adult, the best way to find avatar sex accessories is to go to the adult-rated continent, Zindra, where it is legal to sell and advertise sexual content, and go shopping.

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Well if you do not know how, that something you don't need to be doing

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As in all thing SecondLife [SL], people have needs and desires. Smiley Happy - In that this is your 1st post, I can only assume that you are a brazen erotic adventurer of the male gender looking for your next sexual experience in our Virtual World. Depending on what you are looking for there are many places and people in SL that share your desires as well. Allow me to expand based on your age and experience in SL.

Newbie [1-91   days old] - Having goals is wonderful and knowing what you ultimately want allows you to work towards that future. Take some time to learn SL and how to navigate in it both physically and through the myriads of complex social situations you'll encounter. You'll find more ava-tarts willing to melt to your public advances with a little suave under your belt. [OMG - Just like real life] - Also making sure you know how to manipulate the SL viewer controls is a very needed skill. Once you master this you will be able to compensate for the lack of mirrors in SL which in real life can be found in your higher end "by the hour" motel rooms. You'll be able to see yourself in the throws of ecstasy from any angle you want, including inside out. You'll also need to upgrade your looks and have some money in "the game" so be sure to get that credit card out and put a few "lindens" in the game to use on needed accessories. Feel free to start shopping at the "free" goods stores to get ideas on looks you may want to make your own. Learn to use the Search tool to get a feel for all the sex related venues to be found in SL.

Intermediate (91 -365 days old) - You finally figured out that the Linden Lab supplied avatars are not quite the "hip" cats needed to score in SL. Of course there are Adult-Rated venues and regions where you can get shagged by semi-professional erotic adventurers like yourself regardless of your looks [and chat techniques]. By now you have also figured out that you need to upgrade your looks not only to impress potential bed partners but for your own gratification. You've grown tired of the wiggly free "attachment" and want to impress the sexy gals with your life-like, if not enormous manhood package. Might I suggest the Xcite or Aeros stores and be sure to have stocked up on Lindens to make this next upgrade to your personality. Also, don't forget about clothes [tats, hair, eyes]. For many of us, clothes still make the man.

Experienced (365 days and older) - You made it to one year and didn't give up. You have skin in the game and can now saunter into a club and scope out all the babes and ply your attention on the most likely to need your special services. You know the ins and outs of every sex related product available in SL and can hop into an orgy with the best of them. You are desired on sight by all and are always ready for the next adventure. Somewhere along the way, you also figured out how to use your greatest erotic member, your brain. Yes, underrated yet still the most important key to your enjoyment of eroticism in SL and RL is this! Don't ever forget it.

Next essay....... Relationships, the ultimate turn-on! Smiley Happy

Hope this helps...


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