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can't receive offline IMs via email

i did this:

  • Go to Me menu > Preferences.
  • Click Chat tab.
  • Check or uncheck Email me IMs when I'm offline.

also checked,

Account>contact information>I would like to receive offline IMs via Email

But ,still i can't receive any offline IMs, I tried change the email adress, the some thing, didn't come to my email box.

thanks for help!

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Hi Have, (and love the name )

a while ago I read something about some email providers filtering rather brutally by email headers, and if they so much as "think" it is a not valid email header you will never receive the emails. top of that list was Gmail if I recall correctly. you might want to try usign a different email procvider and change your contact info on the account page, and if it works with the different provider that is most likely what is causing your problem.

Note: Many providers allow you to "auto-forward" your mails to another account (even with a different provider) and as that should rewrite the headers it would allow you to use the new email simply as some sort of "buffer".

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Everything you have done there should work just fine.

Have you checked to make sure that your email system isn't filtering them to a spam /junk folder for some reason? If it is mark one of them as 'not spam' and all future emails from the SL address should go to your inbox.

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thanks suella,

yes, i  checked spam /junk folder, shoudn't be filtered.

i can resive no-reply emails from marketplace, like Sales Confirmation,

also i can get a email when you reply this post.

just no email from inworld.

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yes, you are right,

thanks a lot Nya!

i changed to hotmail, now it's fine, did not work with my gmail.