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How do i search the area i'm currently in?
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if you are trying to search for a specific object you can buy land scanner tools or you can use a viewer like Firestorm which has a built in area search

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Walk, fly, take a bus or a train, a hot air balloon, a boat, a MC, or stand where you are and let you cameras do the walking (cam in on objects)

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Most Browsers have an 'Area Search' funciton.  Using Cool VL Viewer is Cnt-Shft-A, for the Linux version, (I THINK it's Cnt-A for you Windowsies.) 

Likewise I don't know what Firestorm does in any particular OS, but I know it has the capability.

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It depends on what you are searching for. As Storm said, use your cam to look for most things.  You can locate objects with Area Search in Firestorm, or with scripted tools available in Marketplace.   You can locate scripted objects with World >> State/Region >> Debug >> Top Scripts if you have managerial rights on your sim.  You can use Beacons (CTRL + Shift + Alt + N) to locate sound sources and some other things. And you can derender selected parts of SL (like the ground) to see through them with various render settings in the Develop menu.

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