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How do I open the Advanced menu?

I cannot find where I am suppose to see the Advanced menu.

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The Advanced menu contains more technical settings than the rest of the Second Life Viewer, which is why they're usually hidden.  Some of them are useful, but none of them are essential in order to use any of Second Life's features. If you'd like to enable the Advanced menu, use the following procedure:

  1. On your keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+D or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D.

    On a Mac, press Option+Control+D.

  2. The word Advanced appears next to the Help menu at the top of the Second Life window.

Note: Most computers work with the standard Ctrl+Alt+D. Due to different keyboard layouts or other reasons, some don't. We mention Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D just in case.

What is this menu for?

The Advanced menu contains a lot of optional settings, most of which are meant to be used when debugging Second Life.  A few of these settings, like Disable Camera Constraints, can be useful in everyday Second Life usage, but you usually won't need the Advanced menu unless you're trying to analyze Second Life's performance or fix something that's gone wrong.

The menu commands in the Admin menu are restricted to Linden Lab employees only.  Linden Lab employees (commonly called "The Lindens") all have the last name "Linden".  You can view the Admin menu by enabling the option View Admin Options, but you will be unable to use any of the new buttons or menu options that appear.

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All Macs have had an "alt" key for some years now. So the Mac option is Ctrl-Alt-D, exactly the same as a PC. (For reference, the alt key is the same as the (older) Option key - some keyboards may show both labels).