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How can I take a picture?

I can't figure out how to use the camera contorls to take a picture.  I can do that.  Right?

I used the tool to adjust the view, but that is all I can do.  Smiley Sad


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As far as I'm concerned, the Camera Controls are a nuisance.  You can use them if you wish, but you'll get much better control over where your camera is aimed if you spend 15 minutes learning how to use your mouse and the CTRL, Alt, and Shift keys.  Experiment briefly with combinations of those three buttons, and  you'll get the hang of it very fast.  You'll be able to zoom in and out, orbit around a point, and rotate your camera up, down amd sideways.  The only other camera control you need to know is Alt + mouse click, which will center your screen on the point where you clicked.

To take a picture, just click the camera icon on your lower task bar, or type CTRL + Shift + S.  Either one will open the camera window.  Select whether you want to save the photo to your hard drive (free) or to your inventory (costs L$10).  For more information, see >>>

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To add to Rolig's excellent answer, I would like to say Ctrl ` takes photos using the last settings used without opening the camera window, very convenient if you are a shutterbug, like me ~ ' Cat Tongue '