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About double click the Mini Map
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Sorry but you need to read the comments of this KB article for understand my (silly) question: Smiley Happy

As you can see the KB article says "Double-click the mini-map to open the full world map". And in the comments Rand Linden has cheked that.

But you also can see in the comments my problem: if I double clik the Mini Map I teleport to the point clicked!

Perhaps this is a little bug of my viewer. But I'd rather ask before reinstalling my viewer. Using Viewer 3.2.8, what happens when you double clik your Mini Map?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the dumb question Smiley Happy

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ETA thank you very much Ansariel, mistery solved! LOL I have DoubleClickTeleport as FALSE Smiley Happy

And thanks valerie, see my previous edit Smiley Happy

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Hi Irene. When I double click, it does open the world map. Then I can choose to teleport, I am not teleported automatically.

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Thank you very much valerie. See the last edition of my OP Smiley Happy
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Yay! You fixed it! Thanks Ansariel! Smiley Happy