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Looking for something to do this weekend in Second Life? Fear not! Two  community driven events are coming your way, providing something for  everyone. The Sailing Community has joined forces with the Residents  from Nautilus City in a  collaborative event to supporting Sail For Life, which supports the American Cancer Society's  Sail for Life®! Also, this Saturday, is  Helen Keller Day which is dedicated to raising the level  of awareness of Second Life Residents who cope with disabilities.

The  Sail For Life Weekend Kicks off with the 2nd Annual Nautilus City  Summer Festival,  June 18 at 5pm SL time and continues all weekend.  Throughout the festival, you will find amazing free rides, freebies galore,  concerts, games, amazing sights and experiences.

Then, on  Saturday, join the sailing community for the Grand Sail - a flotilla of boats which will carry cancer Survivors  and Caregivers will set sail from the center of the Blake Sea to  Nautilus at 9am SLT.

To get all the details including specific  dates, times and Slurls around the Nautilus and Sail for Life Event, CLICK HERE

Additionally,  this Saturday, the second annual Helen Keller Day can be found in-world HERE.  This 13 hour event includes presentations throughout the day with topics such as enabling deaf or  blind users in Second Life along with other accessibility issues and  solutions.The  day will conclude with a "dance till we drop wrap-up party" at Club Accessible

There's still time for the best and brightest of Second Life to apply to exhibit or perform at Second Life's 7th Birthday party (SL7B)!

Exhibitor and entertainer applications are due May 20, 2010. Visit the SL7B wiki page for applications and details on this year's event.

We're also looking for a few good greeters! If you're a people person who enjoys helping others and giving out gifts, we'd love to add you to our growing team of volunteers. Please complete our Volunteer Greeter Application by June 1.

What can you expect this year? As we've mentioned before, the theme is "unexpected collaborations," so your guess is as good as ours! All we know is that with our unbelievably creative community, we're sure to enjoy a variety of experiences that will make us laugh, make us think, inspire us, break our hearts, and dazzle us with the wonders of Second Life.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Applications for exhibitors, artists, musicians, and DJs at SL7B are now up on the Second Life Wiki. Feel free to jump in and apply!

As announced earlier this week, we are cordially inviting all Second Life Residents to come and celebrate Second Life's 7th birthday (SL7B) by sharing the best and brightest of what our virtual world has to offer. This means you!

Within the scope of this year's "Unexpected Collaborations" theme, we'll all be coming together in our shining, bustling city to celebrate the collaborations that happen every day in the virtual world. We get together to meet new friends, to build businesses, to boost innovation, to help others, to immerse in role play, to create art and fashion—all in new, interesting, and sometimes unexpected ways. From wonderful to weird and back again—Second Life astonishes us again and again.

Now's your chance to join in on the fun! Tell us your vision of how you and your exhibit encompass the spirit of this year's theme. Inspire us. Make us think. Make us laugh. Make us excited to see your exhibit realized.

Apply for your piece of SL7B today!
We're offering parcels of 512 m2 (117 prims) and 1024 (234 prims) for exhibitors and artists to show their stuff at SL7B. If you're interested, please complete the SL7B Exhibitor Application by May 20. Approved exhibitors will be notified by June 3 to start building on June 5.

Ready to make some music?
If you're a musician or if you'd like to DJ at SL7B, please complete the SL7B Entertainment Application to tell us about yourself and your availability. Please submit your application by May 20 and our entertainment staff will get back to you no later than June 1.

We can't wait to watch the collaborations unfold!

Linden Lab cordially invites you to celebrate Second Life's seventh birthday with us because you, our wonderful Residents, are the reason Second Life exists.

The theme of this year's birthday bash (aka SL7B) is "Unexpected Collaborations." Second Life is a social space and a creative space. One of the best parts of Second Life is how we are able to meet and collaborate with people we have never met before in a way we never would have expected.

We build together, we dance together, we create businesses together and partnerships and groups. We have clubs where friends meet regularly, art shows and fashion shows, shopping expeditions, residential sims and neighborhoods, classrooms, and role playing areas. All these are collaborative spaces, We may meet each other in Second Life and then real life, or we may never reveal our real lives to each other, but we still learn from each other. Either way, we engage in unexpected collaborations in Second Life every day.

Rejoice in our "unexpected collaborations" with us starting Monday, June 21, 2010 through Sunday, June 27, 2010. Spanning 20 sims, the festivities will take place in a verdant cityscape—a metaphor for the virtual world we have built. Our Resident and Linden builders are busily planting the trees and paving the streets. Now we need your help to make it complete!

Parcels will be available for Residents to create their own collaborative, celebratory installations throughout our city in two sizes: 512 m2 (117 prims) and 1024 m2 (234 prims).

If you're interested in participating, it's time to start thinking about your own personal unexpected collaborations in Second Life—the experiences that made you want to stay and create something new and interesting. We'd love to see you incorporate this into your build and share your stories, and ultimately we hope you'll share your vision of what you think makes Second Life worth living.

We will start accepting exhibitor applications on Wednesday, May 12. On that day, we will post a link to the application on this blog and on the Second Life Wiki. The application deadline is May 20.

We hope you'll join us for the celebration. Seven years is a long time in Second Life years, and we still have a long life ahead of us.


Q: What are the guidelines for participating as an exhibitor?
A: The Second Life Birthday Celebration (SL7B) takes place on the main Second Life Grid and is for adults 18 years and older. The event has a General (aka PG) maturity rating, so all related rules are in effect. Exhibitors may provide landmarks to Adult regions, provided they are properly marked as Adult.

Q: What are the other rules?
A: There will be more details on the Second Life Wiki on May 12, but here are the basics that we stick to every year:

  • No megaprims are allowed at Linden-sponsored events.
  • No sales will be allowed. Free gifts (aka "freebies") and landmarks to external areas are okay.
  • No hate-oriented materials will be allowed.
  • No copyright or trademark infringement will be allowed. This includes real life or virtual name brands, logos, sounds, or graphics that aren't owned by an exhibitor.
  • Prim limits (according to plot size) will be strictly enforced.
  • Only one exhibitor spot will be allowed per Resident/group.
  • Landmarks web content, or links that are distributed must be relevant to the exhibit or exhibitor.
  • Every exhibitor and attendee must adhere to the Second Life Terms of Service and Second Life Community Standards.

Q: Is there an official inworld group that I can join to learn more?
A: You betcha! If you'd like to keep informed of the latest SL7B news, please join the Second Life Birthday group. Otherwise, please keep watching this blog and the Second Life Wiki for updates.

Q: What plot sizes are available this year to exhibitors?
A: We will offer two plot sizes:

  • 512 m2 (117 prims)
  • 1024 m2 (234 prims)

Q: Will this cost me anything?
A: Nope. It's completely free to exhibitors and attendees.

Q: Can I attend the event as a child avatar?
A: Yes. All adult Residents are welcome at the Birthday festivities, both as exhibitors and attendees. But we ask that each individual, whether participating as an exhibitor or attending as a spectator, fully comply with our General maturity rating standards. This includes not only content on display, but also avatar representation. Essentially, if you want to run around in a tiny avatar, werewolf avatar, or a park bench avatar, that's fine—as long as it adheres to our General maturity rating rules.

Q: Does this mean we can show pictures of kid avatar and adults together? What's allowed?
A: We appreciate the fact that Second Life is a diverse world that includes a great many role-play families. As long as every exhibitor adheres to our General maturity rating guidelines regarding content, there is no problem. Linden Lab and the Resident organizers reserve the right to restrict content that does not adhere to our General maturity rating.

Q: We are a war role-playing group. Can we show and/or demonstrate our weapons?
A: Exhibition of weapons crafted within Second Life is fine. Demonstrating them in a General maturity rating area, however, is not appropriate. All locations within the Birthday grid are "safe zones"—without damage enabled. As an alternative, weapons makers may provide a landmark to an external location where their role playing and weapons use can be seen in action.

Q: Am I guaranteed a plot for my planned exhibit?
A: No, unfortunately we have limited space. Our goal is to accommodate as many exhibitors as possible at SL7B within the space we are allotted. We begin accepting applications on May 12 and will notify exhibitors by June 3 if they are accepted. If we run out of space, we will keep a back-up list of applicants—so if the first round of accepted applicants do not begin building by a specified date, their plot will be given to the first name on the back-up list, and so on. Linden Lab reserves the right to decline a submission or to request changes to exhibitions that are not in compliance with our policies.

Q: I am a musician/DJ and I would like to perform. Will there be music this year?
A: Yes, we will be featuring both live performers and DJs! The application for entertainers will also be available on this blog and on the Second Life Wiki on May 12.

Day of Remembrance: Update

by Linden on ‎04-16-2010 11:24 AM

Tomorrow, Saturday April 17th, marks the 3rd annual Day of Remembrance. A few weeks ago, I spoke a bit about the event itself but now I can provide a few more details surrounding tomorrow's schedule.


We have partnered with the group Remembering Our Friends who are hosting an all day event of live music from 9:00 AM til 8:00 PM. At 8 PM, there will be a sim wide candlelight vigil.  You can find a more detailed schedule and information on the group iteself on their website HERE . If you would like to attend, head on over to the ROF Coalition Island HERE .

At 12pm SLT, join us at Linden Memorial Park for the dedication of a new monument to the region. Jeska Linden and Resident Katt Kongo will each be saying a few words so try not to be late! And as always, if you are interested in hosting a memorial event, see the guidelines HERE.

Gone but not Forgotten

by Linden on ‎04-02-2010 10:55 AM

2 weeks from now, April 17th, marks the 3rd annual Day of Remembrance in Second Life. It's a time where we reflect and remember those who, for whatever reason, are no longer with us. It's a time to gather with friends and honor those who have touched our lives, who have made us laugh and cry, and those who are gone, but not forgotten. This year, there will be both a Resident run event hosted by the group Remembering our Friends and a smaller ceremony at Linden Memorial Park in which Linden Lab will unveil the newest memorial to the park.


Last year, we announced the opening of Linden Memorial Park, built by the DPW and I would like to take this opportunity to to remind those reading that this area is always open to the public and available for group events. If you are ever interested in hosting a memorial event, see the guidelines HERE.


Helau & Alaaf Everybody!

It is time for Carnival. An old tradition, that is celebrated in various countries around the world before Lent. People are celebrating in many different ways and often dress up in amazing (and crazy) costumes, organize parades and turn daily life into a big party. This year this is going to happen inworld as well!

If you ever wanted to attend a special German Carnival Parade, then you should not miss the big Germany in 3D "Rosenmontag" (Carnival Monday-which is one of the biggest Carnival days in Germany) event on several regions in the Germany in 3D inworld area - A Resident run project, that is offering a wide variety of content, events and experiences for the German speaking community and is supported by Linden Lab. - I am sure, also as a non-German speaker you are very welcome

So what is going to happen on Monday, February 15th?

Cologne, Koblenz and Munich - plus a number of inworld institutions such as the Magic Builder from GNC and the Greenies are going to perform a Carnival street parade, that is going to start off in front of the Cologne Cathedral, then heading to Koblenz and from there to the Munich region where the  attendees will be welcomed with a dance show. After the parade, Cologne and Munich are inviting to their Carnival Parties.

Grab a Carnival costume or stay as you are and join the fun!

Germany in 3D is evolving and it is great to see, that the German community is working together in such an amazing way to offer Residents exciting happenings and a dedicated space inworld. I will keep informing you about the latest news about Germany in 3D soon, as we are currently adding new members and the G3D-Team is working hard on more exciting happenings and events... Stay tuned!

Burning Life Community Review

by Honored Resident Dusty Linden on ‎12-02-2009 11:04 PM

Surface by AM Radio

AM Radio's installation lets you access a web page to paint graffiti on in-world objects.

Burning Life may be over for this year, and the Holiday Season upon us, but that does not mean that the Burning Life Community has drifted off to sleep...

Lets talk about the Future:
Well— first let me interject a word about the very near future and a rapidly approaching event. This Saturday, Dec. 5 at 12:00pm PST, the Burning Life Art Department will present ever-popular SL artist AM Radio, who will install a piece at the Afterburn Art Project area AND hold a class in conjunction with it. This is a don't-miss-it event if you are interested in Art in SL. Here's the SLurl:

The other 50 Weeks of the Year:

I'm not sure I can adequately express how amazing the community was this year. The 3+ months prior to opening day were a model of integrity, professionalism, passion and willingness to share that made me so proud of everyone I could just bust me buttons.

There has been much talk of continuing our momentum beyond the Burning Life event itself and to that end meetings have continued and plans have been hatched. A number of Burning Life Departments and their staff have expressed interest in continuing on, so I'd like to introduce those departments, people and ideas. I'm going to describe what the various departments do, what they envision between Burns, who you might propose similar projects to and who your potential collaborators are. We are very into collaboration at Burning Life, finding a more-than-the-sum-of-our-parts synergy in almost everything we do together.

Briefly, we don't plan to have any mini- Burning Life events! What we are talking about falls mostly into the realm of Education, Socialization and Outreach. If you would like to participate or have ideas that would benefit the Burning Life (or Burning Man) community as a whole, keep reading! (And if you have a comment to add, scroll way down-- this is a long one.)

The Departments & Ideas:
The Art Department (led by White Lebed) went to a whole new level this year, not just facilitating hundreds of artists, but also giving technical classes and encouraging social activity all around their camp. The Art Department was a huge community hub this year and have masterminded a framework for all sorts of knowledge acquisition of interest to Burners which we have agreed to call Burniversity. This will be the core of our educational plans. The Art Department will be hosting classes related to art and building and optimizing art (including the one mentioned above!).

The Department of Public Works (DPW), shouldered largely by Talia Tokugawa, deals primarily with event infrastructure and public space usage. DPW helps craft the policies for group rights and how we handle scripting and land permissions to keep control of griefing, but still allow Art Cars to roam the event. In 2009, DPW set the estate up efficiently, parcelled, and laid plans for public stages for live music, DJs, Open Mic and Fire Performance. Interactivity was designed into each stage by Kazuhiro Aridian and Donpatchy Dagostino. Kazuhiro gave a wonderful class about designing and building the Berlin stage, then BLEW IT UP at the end. Maybe we can haz more.

The Script Compliance Team, Zuleika Deere and WaYa Sion poured hours into script efficiency tasks, and keeping an eye on region performance. They assisted countless builders with lag-reduction techniques and it really made a difference in keeping script times from hogging system resources. These master scripters have much to teach artists and builders through the Burniversity program.

The Rangers, our mediating and problem solving group, were another department that went to the next level this year. Ronon Carver lead the charge by taking on a revamp of the Ranger Manual then branching into Operations Glue and holding the center together. EmCee Widget mentored and trained new Khaki's (shift leaders) WaYa Sion contributed tools and forward looking ideas. And through it all, this HUGE team internalized even more of the RL Ranger ethos, trying hard to be helpers not cops, learning and morphing as the event and the rules shifted around them, Iterating, refining and Riding the Edge of Chaos... The Rangers plan to hold Official Ranger Training sessions, socials, and classes on mediating techniques thru Burniversity.

The Lamplighters rejoined with the Drumming tradition this year under the care of JeanBaptiste Eilde and the scripting prowess of Desdamona Enfield, Lonetorus Habilis and others. Their group took in 200 new people and involved them in two of the most joyous past times on the playa: the nightly ritual of lighting the street lamps and drumming and fire dancing at all hours. The Lamplighters and Drummers will be convening drumming circles that are open to anyone. They hope you will come to join them.

The Burning Man Regional Network department, are representatives of the RL Burning Man project sworn to uphold the 10 Principles of Burning Man in SL. They are M2Danger Ranger and yours truly, Dusty Linden. This department's mission is to spread knowledge of our community, enlarge it and bring it together. To that end we will be joining with veteran SL Mentors and building our own Community Gateway of sorts, designed to welcome RL burners and other new folks directly into a supportive Burner community in SL all year long.

The DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles) builds art cars for participants to drive around Burning Life. They charged out of the gate pre-event with regularly scheduled meetings that were brilliant in their collaborative excitement and in opportunities to learn from experts and meet new people. Lead EmCee Widget holds fun meetings, and the whole team outdid themselves providing a HUGE selection of ridiculous vehicles! The DMV plan to hold Art Car Cruises as well as vehicle building workshops.

The Estate Tech Team (Reverend Upshaw and Gracie Goldflake) took an off-the-shelf land rental system and made it work for the '09 land rush far beyond my expectations. The system was never designed to handle the crushing load we put on it, hats off to them for helping us through that phase with humor, grace, clever scripting, and many hours. Sasun Steinbeck contributed wonderful functionality to the land terminals, providing centralized goodie handout and interactive maps. The Estate Team will be building and testing new tools and processes throughout the year.

Community Services were much more in evidence this year. The Greeters, Tour Guides, and Linguists lead by Countess Decosta and Joao Mastroionni welcomed an endless stream of visitors and gave newcomers an all-important chance to understand what in the world we were doing. They brought life and fun to the very process of arriving at Burning Life! If you like greeting and mentoring, Community Services will be instrumental in welcoming newcomers throughout the year.

The Performance Department was amazing, efficient, professional and kind. Doctor Gascoigne, Rails Bailey, Jewelkicker Spearmann, Drakon Cortes, SHAWN Masters and Jezzie McCellan never slept as far as I can tell, and yet responded with a smile to 311 performers and facilitated 469 stage hours, both scheduled and open mic, over 9 days. Wow! No doubt they will throw a few good-old-fashioned parties in the months ahead.

The Man Crew, Debbie Trilling, Gypsy Paz and Elfod Nemeth built and tested, tested, tested— eventually delivering 3 amazing burns that went off right on schedule and hosted nearly 600 people in 3 time zones. Bravo! If you have any interest in pitching in to produce elaborately scripted theater, these are good people to talk to.

The Temple Crew, Damanios Thetan and Treasure Box, provided the spiritual ending of our "Burn Year" with 3 spectacular & heartfelt fires, hosting about 400 more people.

The fledgling Fire Performance Department began the attempt to bring more Burning to Burning Life. Yman Juran, along with Rekka Berchot, Ohmy Shalala, Talia Tokugawa and Firefury Burns planned and executed more fire than we have had before in our public spaces.

Communications were greatly assisted by Photographer Cienega Soon, Machinamist Chantal Harvey, BL Information Radio mistress Ganesha Xi, chat moderators Skylarian Isachenko, Jezzie McCellan, AnnaQuay Heart, Shawn Masters, and writers Apollo Manga, and Raven Haalen. This team will be expanding this year as well.

Actually there were so many people that were part of the huge teams listed above. It was a watershed year for participation. I'm just going to roll the full credits now: these are known collaborators in Burning Life so send love and ideas to the people listed below! Stay connected with them. And get in the Burning Life group if you aren't in it already!

Keep the fire Burning!

—Dusty Linden


Burning Life 2009:

Department of Public Works:
  Designs and Builds event Infrastructure
Department Lead - Talia Tokugawa
Estate Management - Talia Tokugawa, Zuleika Deere
Script Witch (Compliance) - Zuleika Deere, WaYa Sion
Center Camp Build - Talia Tokugawa
Man Crew - Gypsy Paz, Debbie Trilling, Elfod Nemeth, Lorin Tone
Temple Crew - Damanios Thetan, Treasure Box
Berlin Stage: Kazuhiro Aridian, Markus Inkpen

Tokyo Stage: Donpatchy Dagostino

Burn Platforms: Rekka Berchot, Ohmy Shalala
Gate Road: Veluu Faulds

Community Camp: Biancaluce Robbiani, Yendor Destiny

Gate Road signs - Eden Toll

Media Mecca Build - Scope Cleaver

Technology Department:
Land Rush - Gracie Goldflake, Reverend Upshaw
Group Adds - Haven Topaz
Kiosks - Sasun Steinbeck

Department of Mutant Vehicles:
Builds Mutant vehicles for participant use
Department Lead- EmCee Widget
Scripting Lead- Gypsy Paz
Chief Script Inspector- WaYa Sion
Mascot- Kitty Tandino
Build Team:
Cierra Anatine

Hans Baldwin, Lead Emeritus

BeeBee Bekkers

Rekka Berchot

Yvon Broek

DMom2K Darwin

Fhanglupis Fensen
Vanshon Flow

JoJuu Jun

PixelProphet Lane

Xenophile Neurocam

Rose Patel

Jopsy Pendragon

Nylon Pinkney

Paige Raven

Razzi Rockett

Simple Rotaru

OhMy Shalala

WaYa Sion

Evangelina Skytower
kev sweetwater

Zorch Voom

Art Department:
Department Lead - White Lebed
Playa Art Curator, 12 Big Art Installations - White Lebed
Porta Potty Engineers - Naomee Noel and Ziah Oki
Porta Potty Placements - Naomee Noel
Porta Potty Art - Community
Art Pathfinders
- RobertSteven Smythe, Aino Baar, Iono Allen, Physeter Nicholls, Chaos Teardrop, Olivia Hotshot, Taralyn Gravois, Morgue McMillan, blissDK Constantine, NohnPaul Perway, Silene Christen, Corwin Carillon, Eden Toll, Rose Spingvale
Art Pathfinders organizers - RobertSteven Smythe, Taralyn Gravois, MenuBar Memorial (tours board), Mariposa Upshaw
Big Green Tent- Orhalla Zander
Gift Program - community
Anti-lag classes and art talks - lonetorus Habilis, Lorin Tone, Orange Planer, Dusty LInden, EmCee Widget, Zuleika Deere
Transcript Board- Miso Susanowa
Center Camp Décor & Theme - lonetorus Habilis, Talia Tokugawa, Miso Susanowa, Trill Zapatero, Morrigan Denimor
Afterburn art project curator - White Lebed

Mediators/ problem solvers
Operations Leads - Toxic Menges, Tom32 Anatine, Saxet Uralia, Ronon Carver
Ranger Training - Dusty Linden
Ranger Manual - Ronon Carver
Dirt Rangers (in no particular order):

Generaal Joubert

Saxet Uralia

Verdito Aeon
lilbuttons Aristocrat

Rails Bailey

Budster Bashly

Phya Baxton

Hippie Bowman

Crystallia Brandenburg

RangerMickey Burner

Tai Cameron

Kandi Carnell
Ronon Carver

Gemma Cleanslate
Leary Collins

Jasper Dogpatch

Haplo Eberhart
Kahlest Enoch

DanOfWA Flanagan

Hyper Frequency

Angelique Gausman

Gellan Glenelg

Edconnect Gufler

Calamity Hathaway

DaQbet Kish

Pierce Kronos
Leondra Larsson

Marianne Levasseur

Aree Lulibub

Apollo Manga
Jezzie McCellan
Poppy McDunnough
Toxic Menges

Dee Michalak
Marin Mielziner

Chaos Mohr

lufpleh Obstreperous

Smeagol Palen

Rose Patel

M2Danger Ranger

Diana Renoir

Athena Rickena

Gumby Roffo

Dakota Schwade

Waya Sion

Evangelina Skytower

Vixus Snowpaw

Kev Sweetwater
Iknow Tomorrow
Sporty Tone

Exorcist Uriza
Belldandy Watanabe

EmCee Widget
Tinka Willis

Tom32 Anatine

Manages cross region radio traffic
Department Lead - Buckaroo Mu

Communications: Internal & External
Department Lead - Dusty Linden
SL Wiki, Forums, Burning Life Web Page - Dusty Linden
Blog Posts - Dusty Linden
Publicity/PR, Real World - Catherine Linden, Pete Linden, Viale Linden, Melissa Linden
Media Mecca, Publicity, In world - Apollo Manga, Raven Haalen
Photographers - Cienega Soon, Wyeth Slade
Machinima Documentation - Chantal Harvey, Toxic Menges
Education Team - Dusty Linden
What, Where, When event listings - Dusty Linden
BLIR/Shouting Fire Radio - Ganesha Xi, Bobzilla, J. Knizzle
Group Chat Moderators-
 Skylarian Isachenko, Jezzie McCellan, AnnaQuay Heart, Shawn Masters

Administration, Project Management:
Department Lead - Dusty Linden

Burning Man Regional Network:
Department Leads - M2Danger Ranger, Dusty Linden Moderator - Ronon Carver

Community Services:
Department Lead - Countess Decosta
Greeters - Countess Decosta
Costumers - Harper Beresford
Tour Guides - Countess Decosta
Linguist Team Lead - Joao Mastroianni
Linguist Team Scripter - Data Landau
Sandor Balczo

Atthosz Amiot

Ourasi Ferraris

Morgue McMillan
Slatan Dryke

Silene Christen

Marianne Levasseur

Werner Kurosawa

Serge Connoisseur

Xue Meili

Ch Jigsaw

Tom32 Anatine
Biancaluce Robbiani
Ludinha Kamachi

sunflower Yiyuan

Ambre Boram

Raff Magic

Codewarrior Congrejo
Vixus Snowpaw

Tinka Willis

Maxie Mostel

Tracy Molinaxil

Generaal Joubert
Icepegel Coates

Catinka Anatine

Aeneas Beaumont

Marimar Berchot

Clione Clary

Misha Otaared

Jorden Allen

Radioactive Rosca
Burning Burner
anna Begonia

Department Lead - Doctor Gascoigne
Lamplighters - JeanBaptiste Eilde
Drum Circle - JeanBaptiste Eilde
Fire Performance- Yman Juran
Live Performance Coordinator - Doctor Gascoigne, Rails Bailey
DJ Music Coordinator - Jewelkicker Spearmann
Center Camp Stage Coordinators - Rails Bailey/Shawn Masters
Berlin DJ Stage Coordinator- Jewelkicker Spearmann
Tokyo Open Mic Stage Coordinators- Jezzie McCellan/Drakon Cortes
Fashion Show - Harper Beresford

Administrative Coordinator: JeanBaptiste Eilde
Technical Coordinator: Desdemona Enfield
Performance Coordinator: Brigitte Kungler
Village Coordinator: Kell Babenco
Village Build: Kell Babenco
Native American Village: Valley Parmalee
Village Stage: Damanios Thetan
New Lamps, Spires & Control System: lonetorus Habilis
Drum Builder: JeanBaptiste Eilde
Drum and Control Systems Scriptor: Desdemona Enfield
Drum Sound Loops: Brigitte Kungler
Animations: Michael Somerset
Keeper of the Book: Angelique Gausman
Keeper of the Lamp: Carolyn Artful

Please see this link for the most recent calendar of events!

As the Winter season makes way to the northern hemisphere, we have some big events planned and many ways for you to participate in this year's Winterfest! Please read on to learn more about Winterfest land auctions, how to submit content to the Winterfest Destination Guide, and a little bit more about Winterfest traditional events on their way!


Winterfest Shops

Linden Lab is pleased to announce Winterfest Shops! To complement the overarching Second Life Winterfest, we’ve created a small number of parcels available only via the Second Life Land Auctions page starting on Saturday, November 28th and ending December 5th. Auctions for parcels on Dasher, Prancer, Donner, Blitzen, Eggnog, and Turtle Dove will start at only L$1. In order to participate in auctions, Residents must have a premium account at least 14 days old. For only the price of a winning auction bid and no recurring land fees, you can have your parcel until February 26th--about 80 days!!

If you win a parcel at auction, you may open your shop and hold events and gatherings on your land. Winterfest Shops merchants are more than welcome to direct shoppers to their larger outlets in other Regions (”If you like what you see here, grab this landmark and visit my larger store!”). At the four corners of Dasher, Prancer, Donner, and Blitzen is an iced-over pond where a spectacular "Skating Under the Stars" event will be held from December 21st-23rd, making it a prime location for Winter themed fun!

Winners are allowed a rental of the parcel they win, but do not own the parcel they are given use of. Land rental lasts until February 26th, 2010. After February 26th, all land will be returned to Linden Lab and all remaining objects will be returned to the winner. No adult content please. All builds must conform to our Terms of Service and Community Standards.

Don’t forget to check out the Second Life Land Auctions starting Saturday, November 28th for your chance to win! If you have more questions, check out the Second Life Knowledge Base entry at the wiki.


Winterfest Destination Guide

The Destination Guide (inworld displayed as the Showcase section of Search) has been updated with a Winterfest category, and we need your help to populate it!  What are the wintertime traditions in your part of the world? If you are planning a winter extravaganza in your region that demonstrates your traditions, read on to learn how you can have your location highlighted in the Destination Guide!

Just like last year, keep these guidelines in mind when you plan and execute your winter builds: We will be looking for builds that are engaging, well made, available from December to February, and that present your regional sights, sounds and traditions of winter. We will bypass builds that are commercial in nature, so if you’re basically decorating your store for the season, that’s great, but it’s unlikely to be in the Winterfest Destination Guide. Think of your build as a gift, freely given, to your fellow Residents, not as an opportunity to sell something. You are also welcome to submit winter related events that are open to public!

As submissions come in, we will send out Lindens with snowshoes to check out the locations and bring back their recommendations for the Destination Guide, due to be populated on December 6th. While space in Showcase is limited, we will try to fit in as many submissions as we can, with potential to rotate the listings throughout the Winter season.

Submissions end on Monday, November 30th, so please check out the FAQ to learn about how to submit an entry to the Destination Guide editors for consideration. In the subject line of your submission email, please mark whether your location is a "Winterfest Event, (dates/times)" or "Winterfest Location." (Please note, not all correspondences will be met with reply.)


Winterfest Traditions

Of course, what would Winterfest be without Second Life traditions?! This announcement comes early so you can mark your calendars for some end of December fun!

On December 21st to the 23rd, get out your winter gear and join us for the "Skating Under the Stars" event at the Winterfest Shops regions, where a central bonfire will light the midnight sky and music will be provided for during select hours each day. For further details, keep an eye on the blog for an update mid-December to learn more! If you would like to provide live music or DJ for this event, please contact Mia Linden via Notecard inworld with your available times and a brief description of what your music/DJing offers.

From December 28th to 31st, get out those mittens and join us yet again for the battle of the year:  Residents vs. Lindens, in a snowball fight showdown! Designated times during those days and locations of the event will be announced mid-December as well.


Winterfest Spirit

In keeping with the spirit of Winterfest, it's important to remind about our previous announcement involving our partnership with, the world’s first personal micro-lending Website that empowers everyday people to lend to working poor entrepreneurs around the world. Content creators are encouraged to create special Winterfest Wreaths and enter their designs in the Winterfest Wreath Competition, sponsored by Linden Lab, hosted on - see the submission form here. All submitted wreaths will be displayed inworld at the region Zermatt. Though the competition ends November 23rd, all Residents will have an opportunity to purchase the six (6) winning wreaths on Xstreet SL through December 31st, 2009. All donations from sales of winning wreaths will go directly to help support Kiva's operational costs as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. For more information, check out this blog entry.


Enjoy the start of a fantastic Winter season in Second Life!!!

Burning Life '09: See You Soon!

by Honored Resident Dusty Linden on ‎11-02-2009 06:40 PM

Time to head for home
^ Walking off the Playa, by Marianne McCann

The events at Burning Life '09 are (sadly) over. We hope you didn't miss the "Biggest" "Most Creative" event in Second Life ( because almost everyone seems to agree it was the "best ever".

Burning Life reached new heights this year, with huge growth and refinement in the many Departments that comprise the Volunteer Staff. This staff cranked things up a whole level or two from previous years, involving more people, for more time, in more creative, community endeavors than were ever possible before. There are close to 150 names on the staff list alone:  And that's just at the *official* staff level. During the four weeks leading up to the opening, over 1300 Residents collaborated on the long tail of building this community, (that was the number of people in the build and performance groups as the event opened.) During the 9 official days of Burning Life, these campers and artists built over 500 theme camps and art works, then listed and held almost 700 events. The map was full of green dots visiting their dusty desert city all week.

This year, we had 28,564 unique participants overall, who spent in aggregate 87,600 user hours. Here are some numbers comparing 2008 to 2009:

Burning Life '08
Burning Life '09
Unique Visitors25,19128,564
Hours spent, 9 days40,79654,972
Use Hours, Day 248877875
Hours spent, Sept, Octnot available87,602
Peak visitors in a day53146645
Low visitors in a day42634778
Countries Represented50170
Top 5 CountriesUSUS
Slowest time:3:00am PDT3:00am PDT
Businest time:3:45pm PDT2:00pm PDT

This year, the Burning Man philosophies of 1.) Radical Inclusion  2.) Radical Self Reliance and 3.) Gifting/Decommodification have gathered speed and jumped the rails. These have been mentioned over and over by many of you, in chat, blogs, TV shows, Magazines, Flickr, etc. etc. In fact, right after the first land rush where the first 2 regions of "camping" spots were given away, the volunteer staff noticed a change in community dynamics. We have been suggesting a move away from the "build it and walk away" model of previous events, and a shift into more social density. Fully embracing this model, so many of you "drove in" trucks, (a very humorous sight) put up tents, built a campfire, then went to meet your neighbors! Wow! It's working! Only after a serious period of socialization did you get down to the business of building your art and interactive theme camps, and helping each other in chat with technical questions. Many friendships are formed at Burning Life, and many are the wails of sorrow when it ends.

Kazuhiro Aridian masterclass 4
^ Even taking the builds down became a social event this year! Kazuhiro Aridian blows up the Berlin stage for an appreciative audience after explaining in depth how it was created, Photo by White Lebed

Well, what now? If you are missing the "playa" as much as the rest of us volunteers are, the Burning Life Art Department intends to continue  Afterburn art projects where you can revisit some of the builds that were created for Burning Life throughout the year. There is also talk of holding more classes and demonstrations geared towards artists, and more social get-togethers where drummers, rangers, lamplighters and other departments can share ideas throughout the year. Make sure you are in the official "Burning Life" group to hear news of these events.

In the meantime, if you have questions or observations about the event, feel free to comment here, or send a notecard to Dusty Linden. In the next post, we'll throw down specific details about the Burning Life organization, and roll the credits!

Something Haunted this Way Comes...

by Honored Resident Jeska.Linden on ‎10-19-2009 10:46 AM

Save the Date!

Mark your calendars for October 28th, 29th and 30th, the Lindens are planning some spooky Halloween tricks and treats not soon to be forgotten.

Watch this Blog for more details, coming very soon!

Burning Life Opens!

by Honored Resident Dusty Linden on ‎10-17-2009 09:42 AM

Sledge Roffo and Jewel MacMoragh The Cambrian Explosion-location Double Hot
^ The Cambrian Explosion by Sledge Roffo and Jewel MacMoragh

After almost 2 months of diligent preparation by around a thousand residents, we have reached opening day for Burning Life '09! This is the 7th annual virtual burn in Second Life. Amazing. And what an amazing community we have! So what should you do and see? Well, with over 400 camps and art works to visit, that's entirely up to you, but the Department of Mutant Vehicles recommends the following, and we all concur:

be here
encourage participation
have a party
reach out to people and invite them in
give gifts like crazy
make new friends

Information Central:

Burning Life opens around 12:00 Noon SLT. But pu-leeze don't all pile in on top of each other when the clock strikes 12... this isn't a race,  the event goes on for 9 days, and you won't miss anything!

If you are new to Burning Life, the best place to begin is at the
Main Gate 
Walk up the dirt road to the Greeters Station-- they will get you oriented, give you info and fun things to do and play with! If that is too crowded for comfort, try
Gate 2 or
Gate 3

Otherwise, if you are a veteran Burner, just click your map button and search for "Burning Life". All 34 regions will pop up and you can teleport anywhere that strikes your fancy. If you like being more choosy, visit our
Interactive Map which lets you teleport direct to any camp.
Prefer to read the details before you go? Here is the
Camp Directory

Want to start right out with an event? The camps have listed a zillion things to do already on our official
Events Listing

Here are a few events to get you started at Noon:

Fire Performance and Fireworks.
The ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love welcomes you to the opening of Burning Life 2009

Mankind Tracer Launches Toyko Stage
Mankind Tracer, SL's Premiere Rock Performer, kicks off Burning Life at the Tokyo Stage. Don't miss your chance to catch SL's Superstar Rocker LIVE at Burning Life's Launch!

Tokyo Open Mic Stage
BL Open Mic Party going on all day and night round the clock. Ask the stage manager for available time and get on up and share your talent. DJs, Performers, Live Music come on down. You are the show. Come on over and Burn with us...

Pop/Soft Rock DJ Iknow Tomorrow
Miss Bridget's Dance School has moved to the desert for Burning Life. Come celebrate with DJ Iknow and his Pop and Soft Rock tunes.

Milk N Kookies Show Life-Granite/53/246/26
The Milk N Kookies Show will be visiting Inner Child Camp! The Milk N Kookies Show is broadcasted weekly with hosts Koffeekid Smalls, Yuki Eliot and Sage Kostenbaum. This kid based show features news & events from the kid community, interviews with kids who are of special interest to the neighborhood and even live entertainment from some of the best musical acts in Second Life.

Party at the Wormhole
Party hearty the Starfleet way at the Wormhole! The music's going 24/7, and Quark is serving up the drinks. Don't forget to get your gift, and join in on our treasure hunt!

Salvage Mission
A ship has crashed in the desert, some of it may be worth keeping. Come strip the ship of its useful parts

Short Movie showing
Watch the inspiration of this plot build - Magic Kingdom's Carousel of Progress. This is a you-tube video being shown in the tent on the Evolution of Progress plot. Then find the various freebies scattered around the plot. These are items from the build.

Dream Catcher
Cerdwin Flanagan DJ's dark ambient/electronica for the opening of the Splintered Art Gallery & BLU282 camp

Here's the event trailer again for those who missed it the first time around:


Burning Life, Part 2: Our Process

by Honored Resident Dusty Linden on ‎09-04-2009 06:09 PM

Because Burning Life is a mirror in spirit of a real-life event, (but with the twists only Second Life can offer) we take a lot of visual and organizational cues from the real thing. Together, we will build a temporary city in a desert, and we voluntarily accept many of the same restrictions that Nature imposes on the real thing. We do this to see how creative we can be with the same palette of materials and to revel in the beauty of simplicity. We use the same blank, desert landscape, and many of the things we build are naked or primitive in structure, easily revealing to the casual viewer how they were constructed. Consider using "lightweight", "portable" materials: design with light and fabric and wood. media mecca_001.png
   ^ Burning Life's desert aesthetic: The Media Mecca tent designed by Scope Cleaver

To get in the spirit, just pretend that you're bringing everything you need with you in your car or truck and you're going camping. Extreme Camping. Really Extreme Camping. Please join in the aesthetic of the event and design your builds to complement the whole. We aren't building houses or planting forests: if you plan to build a brick skyscraper, the community reserves the right to vote you off the island and very well may ;-).

Another thing you need to know up front is this: Both Burning Life and Burning Man are completely non-commercial. There is no buying or selling in this sponsorships, no logos, no advertising, no tip jars. The only economy is one of unconditional gift-giving and the concept that you get out of the system as much (or sometimes more) than you put in. We follow the same 10 Principles as the real-life event too. This year, the theme of the RL Burning Man event is "Evolution". Please feel free to use this theme if it strikes your fancy, but there is no requirement that you do so!

Anyone can claim a "camp site" at Burning Life '09, regardless of what sort of account you have. "Radical Inclusion" is (after all) one of those 10 Principles we mentioned. This land is a gift to the community, so does not cost you anything or increase your Tier.

Theme Camps: The first opportunity to score one of these "camp sites" is to apply for a Theme Camp spot. This year, there are 52 reserved Theme Camp parcels on the main Esplanade waiting to be awarded to whoever proposes the most amusing, amazing, or interesting ways to engage their fellow Residents.

What's a Theme Camp? It's a plot of land you can call home at Burning Life. It is where you "camp" and also where you invite other participants to experience whatever you have in store for them, because a Theme Camp should encourage interaction or host events designed to involve other people. What kind of Theme does it have to have? Don't confuse this with the overall theme of the event which is "Evolution". Rather, the idea behind a Theme Camp can be whatever you like. It can be simple or complex, as long as it has some sort of premise behind it. It can be as whimsical as Cockroach Camp or as deep as Kafka camp. For inspiration, you can see what sort of Theme Camps people build at the real life Burning Man Festival!

To be accepted for one of these reserved spots, just write a compelling description of what your camp will be, include links to any other things you've built, and describe what sort of activity you will provide for your neighbors to enjoy. Applications for Theme Camp spaces will be accepted until Sept 12. We will try to award the parcels starting around the 14th. To Apply for a Theme Camp space, go here!

Land Rush: Most of the remaining parcels (about 275) this year will be distributed via a first-come, first-served Land Rush. It works like this: all the regions will be closed, and each parcel set to respond to the first Avatar that touches it's terminal. Then we open the gate! It's a little crazy and a lot of fun. The land rushes will be spaced out over one week and scheduled to hit peak times in every time zone, so that everyone has an equal chance of striking gold. These parcels come in two sizes: Large parcels are approximately 3360 square meters with 750 prims and Small parcels are about 1568 square meters with 350 prims. Please note, these sizes vary a bit depending on the proximity of roadways and other public works! Land rushes are planned to begin around Sept 14th. The exact schedule will be forthcoming soon.

Small Art Sites: We have about 90 small parcels in the area we call the "open playa" designed for smaller art works. They too, will be given away Land Rush Style. Small Art parcels are 576 square meters, and 300 prims.

Walk-in Camping! New this year, we have two "Walk-in Camping" areas: unparceled half-Regions where you are free to set up as long as you can cooperatively share prims and script times with your neighbors! This is an experiment in self government that we will be watching with interest! These areas will be available after the gates open on the 17th.

Please note: We have a limited amount of land to give away! Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to get their own chunk. But we encourage you to team up with other people, form villages and camps of friends to share parcels. In that way, more people can participate, and more new friends will be made!

The Fine Print: Burning Life is a Resident-created event held on Linden land. Please note that megaprims are not allowed on Linden-owned land, and that all Linden Lab TOS and Community Standards will be in effect. All other event policies are listed at

The entire Burning Life team is looks forward to seeing you on the playa!


October 17 - 25, 2009, the Burning Life festival will be coming to a dusty wind-swept void near you! Yes, It's time to dig out your fake goggles and dust mask, put on your most outrageous attire, and come virtual *camping* with thousands of your closest friends.

"What is this Burning Thing?" most of you new Residents are probably wondering. We'll be explaining that, and talk about why we do it, then get to some nitty gritty details that you veterans are dying to know, like "when can I start building my camp/artwork!?"

Burning Life is a festival of community, art and fire in the virtual world of Second Life. It was first held in 2003 when the Second Life grid was still in it's infancy, and it's inspired by the real life Art, Fire and Community festival known globally as Burning Man. Both Burning Man and Second Life began in San Francisco, California. But they have a lot more in common than their birthplace....

Some History:
In 1999, a dreamy guy from San Francisco decided to go explore this Burning Man thing he'd been hearing about. Into his car, he tossed a tent, water and everything else he needed to survive, then he drove 300 miles out to the Nevada high desert. He arrived at a featureless, 40-square miles of cracked mud, ringed by distant mountains. Hot. It was terribly hot. Except when the sun went down. Then it was just plain cold. The Black Rock Desert is an ancient dry lake bed. "The Playa", geologists called it; harsh, foreign, unforgiving and so shockingly barren that it *begs* to be your empty canvas. A strange encampment had been erected there, ringed around a 40-foot tall anthropomorphic wooden statue destined to be burned the last night. What the Dreamer found there— a huge group of people, self organized into a city, collaboratively creating a different reality— tweaked the direction of the project he was working on back in San Francisco, and filled his head with ideas about the nature of reality, creativity, identity and community. He worked some of these ideas into the very fabric of his project "Linden World", which you and I now know as Second Life. That Dreamer was our founder Philip Linden.

Fast forward to 2003. Numerous Linden Lab employees were regulars at Burning Man, but by 2003 they were too busy getting Second Life out the door to visit the real life Playa. So Phoenix Linden approached the Burning Man organization for permission to build a tribute to the real event in Second Life. With permission duly granted, the Lindens built a Man statue much like the real thing, and "burned" it in-world. Which seems like ancient history ;-). 2009 marks Burning Life's 7th year here in Second Life.

Our Inspiration:
What happens at the real life Burning Man is quite phenomenal. This real-world city of 50,000, built entirely by its citizens, is 100 miles from the nearest source of supplies. Yet it has roads, street signs, an FAA-approved airport, a power grid, a hospital, huge public plazas, street lights, processions, rituals and spectacles. It has fabulous fashions, ridiculous situations and artworks so raw they are literally dangerous. "No Spectators" is a common meme and in fact, passive consumption of amusement is pretty difficult in a Survival Camping environment such as this. You must bring with you everything you need to survive, since nothing is for sale and exchange of money is forbidden in Black Rock City. Water, shelter, food— the hot tub, the 3-storey duck-shaped nightclub you designed, the fabulous sequined cocktail dress, the personal flame thrower— you need to bring it all with you! And people do. Many camps roll onto the playa with fully loaded 16-wheelers and hundreds of camp-mates anxious to get to work building their vision.

BUT - It's all temporary. At the end of a week, much of the artwork is burned, and every last last speck of what was brought there is taken away again, down to the last sequin, Leaving No Trace of the city that was just there. When the winter rains come, even the footprints will vanish. Til next year....

Why we do Burning Life:
For the same reason people do Burning Man. To learn and grow. And to form a community that values creative learning and growing. The temporal nature of it is vital to having immediate and unmediated experience, and the DIY aesthetic meshes perfectly with Second Life's riot of user-created content. When Philip Linden put the tools of creation into the hands of Residents, he set up the same level playing field that energizes Burning Man. Everyone contributes. Nobody is special, and everyone is a star!

So get involved. It doesn't even matter how much you know about Second Life. If you are not a great builder-- this is the place to experiment and learn from others. If you don't know anyone in Second Life yet— you will. If you are a veteran of Second Life and you crave a little good-old-fashioned creative chaos, come on out. Burning Life '09 will be exactly what each of us put into it.

Participate! You can start by taking a look at the newly published list of volunteer staff opportunities on the Burning Life web site, The Burning Life Team, a fabulous and talented group of people, still has some you-shaped holes in it.

Next Blog Installment: Burning Life, Part 2: Our Process

Second Life Birthday News & Review

by Honored Resident Dusty Linden on ‎07-01-2009 10:14 AM

In this post:
—Second Life Birthday Survey Released
—Thanks to you all
—Some Event Statistics
—Teens Crash-Land New Region at SL6B

—Gates Remain Open til July 6th

Futurist Stage.jpg
— We have a short survey online where you can tell us what you thought of the Second Life 6th Birthday celebration. It's only 10 questions, but it will really help us make things better next year. Your comments on a similar survey last year were very helpful as the Resident staff prepared for this year's event, and we hope that those of you who made suggestions last year were pleased to see some of them implemented in 2009.

Please tell us what you thought here.

— Thanks so much everyone, for your amazing participation. Thanks especially to the Resident staff, who together put in a truly terrifying number of hours to organize this event. There were at least 50 of you. (I think I'm missing a few infrastructure builders— let me know if so.) And thanks also to all the exhibitor/builders without whom there would be no reason to celebrate! The Lab is proud to have been a partner, and pleased to be able to donate the land.

— First Week Event Statistics:

  • Resident Staff: 50+
  • Mentor/Greeters: 68
  • Exhibitors: 300+
  • People who helped build those exhibits: 899
  • Futurist & Android Stage DJs: 103
  • Main Stage Live Musicians: 100+
  • Regions: 20 (plus one from the Teen Grid)
  • Scheduled Events: 815
  • Unscheduled Events: LOL
  • Unique visitors: 17,712
  • Hours spent: 23,662
  • Countries represented: 140
  • Advertising kiosks placed: 698
  • Event Calendar page views: 23, 260
  • People who caught Alien Gift Thieves: Only 94!
  • Most Aliens caught by one person: 139

— If you haven't yet noticed, the industrious people on the Teen Grid have sent an entire region across the age gap for our amusement. The Region is named (appropriately) SL6B Teen. It has appended itself to the side of the main event, and can be reached by a causeway from SL6B Polaris. It's a lovely piece of work, and the Teens are undoubtedly the Future of Virtual Worlds. Come see how they are going to knock you off your pedestal, gramps.

It's not over yet! The gates will remain open at the SL6B regions for your further exploration and reflection. If you haven't managed to see it yet, do drop by The Paradox for a journey across "Dallier's Hope". The regions will remain open til around July 6th.    

Watching Philip's Wrap Up at SL6B

by Honored Resident Dusty Linden on ‎06-29-2009 10:35 AM

Philip Linden will provide some closing remarks at the Second Life 6th Birthday celebration on June 29 at 11 am SLT with a speech from the SL6B main stage. There is limited seating available, so if you are unable to access the stage you have a couple other options.

To watch on the web, head your browser to

You can also get a free Treet TV for your home from XStreet, or visit Treet's Northpoint Studio in Second Life and pick one up there. Deed the TV to your land and away you go. The SL6B closing remarks will be on the Live channel.

There will also be some Treet TV monitors set up in SL6B Android and SL6B Futurist, and SB6B Hologram for your watching pleasure.

SL6B Main Stage:

Overflow Locations: Android Stage,

Futurist Stage,

Synchronity Amphitheater

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT your last chance to see SL6B. The gates will be open for another week for your exploration!

Philip Linden Speaks at 10am SLT

by Honored Resident Dusty Linden on ‎06-23-2009 09:31 AM

Philip Linden will be opening the Second Life 6th Birthday celebration this morning at 10 am SLT with a speech from the SL6B main stage. There is limited seating available, so if you are unable to access the stage you have a couple other options.

To watch on the web, head your browser to

You can also get a free Treet TV for your home from XStreet, or visit Treet's Northpoint Studio in Second Life and pick one up there. Deed the TV to your land and away you go. The SL6B opening remarks will be on the Live channel.

There will also be some Treet TV monitors set up in SL6B Android and SL6B Futurist for your watching pleasure. Grab some coffee and donuts, and bring enough for the rest of the crowd!

SL6B Main Stage:

Happy Birthday Everyone!

by Honored Resident Dusty Linden on ‎06-22-2009 01:20 PM

Tomorrow— June 23, 2009— marks 6 FULL years of Second Life. To celebrate 6, and our passage into year 7, your fellow Residents have been busy for months, planning a 20-Region party around the theme "The Future of Virtual Worlds". Come by tomorrow after 10 am SLT, as they turn on the lights and throw open the doors. Philip Linden will start the event at 10 with a talk at the main stage. And the exhibitors have a lot to show you. See what they think the future will be like! They've created a burned-up meteor called Dallier's Hope with hundreds of exhibits awaiting your exploration, from the hilarious to the deeply thought-provoking.


Over 400 events are planned as well: great music, panel discussions, demonstrations, tours, treasure hunts and more.

The party runs through June 30, with a closing speech by Philip on June 29 at 11 am SLT. Mankind Tracer, 2009 Resident Choice Award Winner, will kick off the exhibition on the 23rd. Internationally renowned band SpaceJunky will close the event with a 2 hour concert.

We hope to see you pop in at one of the points below.

The Paradox Main Landing Point & Cloning Station

If it's too crowded there, here are some other good starting points:

For full Event details, visit the wiki:

And the team has created a fun event blog:

This just in from the fantabulous Resident Team that is making SL6B an event to remember. They've added up their no-shows and looked in the closets for unused space, and they've got a bit more land that they can parcel out. If you'd like to jump in at the last moment, read on!



Dear Residents of Second Life,

Due to a large number of requests, we are re-opening applications for SL6B for 3 days. Starting now, you can submit a new proposal if your first was not accepted, or submit for the first time. Here are the rules for re-entry!

1: DO make your exhibit anything you like - AS LONG AS YOU ATTEMPT TO ADAPT IT TO THE THEME. We're asking you to share with us your vision of the "Future Of Virtual Worlds" as you see it applied to you. If you make pet animals, that's fantastic, stick an astronauts helmet on them! Explore the concept of animals in the future, have fun with it. Don't be afraid to play the game. Use the theme as your springboard, make the future what you want it to be.

2. DO explain what you intend to exhibit in your application. Not asking for a three page proposal justifying the necessity of every prim you rezz, but tell us what your vision is. Use the text space you've got!  Don't simply say "Content I've created..." what is the content? If you have trouble explaining in English, please supply links or slurls to examples of your work.

3. DON'T utilize the Exhibit Info space to tell us all about YOU and nothing about your exhibit or your intentions. Your Exhibit info is not your bio. While we'd love to hear your life story, there is a dedicated section for that. The Exhibit Information section is not that place... unless you're exhibiting you and you alone as some form of Life art.

4. DO make sure where it requests your name to put in the name of your Avatar - not your real name. We don't need that info because as much as we like you, you're not on our Christmas card list in real life. We cannot contact your virtual self with your real life name. We can't drop you relevant notecards or send you an IM when the name does not exist in Second Life. By the way, if per chance you're getting odd inventory offers on your real life avatar, see a doctor about that immediately.

5. DON'T offer to put up a stage and invite musicians to sing. We have music coordinators who have gone to great lengths and invested great amounts of time to create a musical schedule on three stages for 24 hours of the day for the entire 7 day duration. If we let everyone have a stage to invite their favorite performers to sing, your neighbor with the Octo-Alien frog on his 512 beside you would be shooting death rays from his eyes at you and your 40 friends who have lagged the region to a standstill, and used up the entire allotment of avatars for the region.

6. DON'T tell us that the only space that will accommodate your vision is a half a sim. While bigger is always better honey, unfortunately the reality of this event and the magnitude of participation doesn't allow us the leisure of handing out full regions to anyone who asks - or anyone at all for that matter. We've tried to give you a diverse selection of plot sizes to accommodate as many ideas and installations as possible. Feel free to request the largest we have to offer, but make sure you justify the necessity! If you request a 2048 and your tell us your exhibit is simply "Cats." Well, that might not be a guaranteed sell.

7. If you choose to disregard these suggestions because you have to have a replication of Ma and Pa Kettle's cabin in the woods, I urge you to remember that a panel does review these applications and an application does not guarantee a parcel.

8. DO remember: This is ONLY a 3 day application extension in consideration of the many, many inquiries we've received. There will NOT be another. This is your last chance to participate. No further extensions will be made this year, there simply isn't time. Rest assured we want you here!

Apply here:

Applications will close for review on this date: Monday June 15, at 1pm SLT

— The SL6B Team

Be All That You Can SL6B!

by Honored Resident Blue Linden on ‎05-18-2009 06:14 PM

Have you got links, photos, articles or just plain opinions to share on the Future of Virtual Worlds? That's our theme this year for Second Life's 6th Birthday Celebration, and this is the place to put it all in perspective...

The Future of Virtual Worlds

by Honored Resident Dusty Linden on ‎05-18-2009 06:14 PM

The Future of Virtual Worlds is the theme for Second Life's 6th Birthday Celebration this year, (June 23, 2009) and hundreds of Residents have applied for space to exhibit there. I've been watching the applications roll in, and there are a lot of awfully interesting ideas popping up, as well as a number of laugh-out-loud funny proposals that I can't wait to see realized. Who said the future had to be dull?  I'd like to remind any slackers reading this that your time to apply for space officially closes on the 20th, so if you want to build at the event and haven't filled out that form yet ( you'd better put it on your list of things to do! (if you've missed the conversation about the event thus far, you can still catch up by reading the wiki on the subject.)

SL6B center stage_003.png

^ More scenes from the developing event site....

I don't know about you, but this particular theme is a favorite of mine, and something that I think about often, both in Second Life and Real Life. I'm pretty convinced that in... oh... about 4 years... we won't even bother to refer to such things as "Virtual" Worlds any more. Much as the Nearly Mystical ARPANET became the regular old "Innertubes" in such short order, the amazingness of today's VWs will soon seem ordinary. It will be that thing we all use everyday for communication, research, socializing, etc. (Duh!) But what a world it will allow us to access! Singularity, here we come.

Glenn Linden found this (short) video of my favorite Mad Inventor, Ray Kurzweil, where he describes his vision of the Future of Virtual Worlds, from a technological perspective. Check it out, and if you have your own favorite links on the subject, let the rest of us in on it. It would be useful to gather a repository of ideas like this, to help us get our Creative on. The SL6B Regions will be opening for building around June 2, and you don't want to get caught with your creative juices still in a bottle in the fridge.

SL6B center_003.jpg

Here's my personal biggest question about Virtual Worlds... when you can have anything you want in a virtual world, will Western Civilization's desire for Real World Stuff decline? What will be the perceived value of... huge blingy handbags? Will anyone really care if you have a RL yacht so big you need two helipads on it? What will this do to our RL sense of how we present ourselves? Will Cartier go the way of General Motors? Will RL just become the search for food and shelter and.... well, you know? Hey, just wondering.

By the way, it's not mandatory that you follow the theme to participate in the exhibiting... if you have another idea that just doesn't fit it, go ahead and apply anyway, and we'll see if we can fit you in. In the final analysis, it's all just an excuse to build stuff and celebrate our achievements!


EDIT: Discussions are now enabled for anyone logged in, sorry for the inappropriately restrictive setting  -Blue

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When Second Life Turns Six...

by Honored Resident Dusty Linden on ‎05-06-2009 11:10 AM

Six— a number flanked by 5 and 7.
Six— a breed of superhumans in a Philip K. Dick novel.
Six— a boundary shot in cricket.

Six— a fine excuse for a party.


On June 23, 2009, Second Life turns 6 years old. Hey! This is your second half-decade! Now you're *so* much more sophisticated than 5, but still hovering near the oven, anxious to devour the cake, and wondering what 6 has in store for you. Or, for that matter, what about 7? 10? 15? Where do the years go, anyway?

Since you're never content with things as they are, your challenge is to show how you intend to make things in 5, 10 or 100 years. The Birthday theme this year is "The Future of Virtual Worlds" and we're betting you have some pretty awesome visions to share of the future you're building here. How will Virtual Worlds work? How will they look? How will they be part of everyday life? How will we learn, socialize and evolve in them? How will they affect your beliefs, and be affected by your actions?


  Scenes from the growing event site...

Got an idea? Want to participate? Great! Once again, Linden Lab has set aside 20 regions for the Birthday celebration, and Resident organizers are busy carving it into parcels where you can build and share your particular future. The event infrastructure is nearly complete, and we think it will inspire you to great "heights". It's a little dark, and a little shiny. It's a little inspiring, and a little dystopian. It's decidedly 3- dimensional. Think in light. Think in concept. Look up. Look under. Look in and listen closely.

What you'll need to do: Read about the event policies (below), and apply for a plot of land by filling out the application form, (PLEASE ENABLE JAVASCRIPT & POPUPS in your browser Prefs, first).  We have limited space to give away, so put some good thought into describing your exhibit idea in an interesting and forward-looking manner so we feel compelled to squeeze you in! Applications will be taken for 2 weeks.

In order to accommodate as many people as possible, we aren't giving away any huge chunks of land or mountains of prims this year. Plot sizes are: 512 m2 (117 prims), 1024 m2 (234 prims) or 2048 m2 (468 prims). Got a cool idea but no time or will to build? This year we have small booths (15 prims) for those who just want to display images, signs, concepts or a simple object. Concept can be king!

We will be accepting your applications until May 20, will review them the week after that, and hope to have announcements going out to accepted exhibitors by June 1. You will have a full 2 or 3 weeks on-site to build. The event will open June 23, and officially run for a week, (though we will keep the gates open for a week beyond that so that plenty of people can come by for a visit).


Q. What is the Guidelines for Participation?

A. The Second Life 6th Birthday Celebration takes place on the main Second Life Grid and is for Adults 18 years and older. The following guidelines are in effect, and are the same PG guidelines we followed last year:

"PG Areas are designated to be free from sexually explicit language or behavior, swearing and other forms of aggressive language, violent behavior and/or imagery, including horror. Gambling for Linden Dollars is also prohibited." This is taken from the Knowledgebase Article found here.

Linden Lab and the Resident Organizers reserve the right to determine when an edge case is no longer appropriate.

Q. Why is it this way?

A. The event is sponsored by Linden Lab, and in an effort to ensure a comfortable experience for every Resident, the whole of the event will be accessible to general audiences. Exhibitors may provide landmarks to Mature regions, provided they are properly marked as Mature.

Q. What other rules are there?

  * No megaprims are allowed at Linden-Sponsored Events.
  * No sales - freebies are okay as are landmarks to external areas.
  * No hate-oriented material.
  * No copyright or trademark infringement (includes real life or virtual name brands, logos, sounds or graphics that aren't owned by exhibitor.)
  * Prim limits are according to plot size requested and will be enforced.
  * 1 Exhibit per resident/group
  * Landmarks, Web content or Links provided must be relevant to the exhibit or exhibitor.
  * We expect every exhibitor and attendee to adhere to the standard Second Life Terms of Service.


Q. Is there an official in-world group I can join?

A. Yes, if you would like to keep informed, please join the group "Second Life Birthday" in-world. That will be our primary means of internal communication with the community. Externally, please keep watching this blog for news updates, and the wiki as an information repository.

Q. What size plots will be available this year for exhibitors?

A: Plot sizes are:
512 m2 (117 prims),
1024 m2 (234 prims)
2048 m2 (468 prims).
Booth (15 prims)
You can select your desired parcel size in the application form. But the more flexible you are, the more likely you are to get a space.

Q: Can I come as a kid avatar?

A: Yes.  Everyone is welcome at the Birthday festivities, both as exhibitors and attendees. We just ask that each individual, whether participating as an exhibitor or attending as a spectator, fully comply with our PG standards. This includes not only content on display but also Avatar representation. Essentially, if you want to run around in a short Avatar, a dragon avatar or a fire hydrant avatar, that's fine, as long as it's PG.

Q: Does that mean we can show pictures of kid avatars and adults together?  What's allowed?

A: We appreciate the fact that Second Life is a diverse world that includes a great many role-play families. As long as every exhibitor adheres to our general guidelines regarding content, there is no problem. We have no issue with photos of adults with children. We just ask that photos on display (in all areas) take into consideration content, context and perspective. Again, Linden Lab and the Resident Organizers reserve the right to determine when a case is no longer PG.

Q: We are a war role-playing group.  Can I show and/or demonstrate my weapons?

A: This will be a little different in 2009. Exhibition of weapons crafted within Second Life are fine. Ultimately, a PG Birthday party isn't the most appropriate place for demonstrating them. All places within the Birthday grid are "safe zones" without damage enabled. As an alternative, weapons makers may provide a landmark to an external location where their roleplaying and weapons use can be seen in action.

Q. Am I guaranteed a Plot to exhibit?

A. No. We have limited space. Our goal is to accommodate as many exhibitors as possible at SL6B within the space we are allotted. However, if an application conflicts with the rules or policy in place, Linden Lab reserves the right to decline a submission or request changes to existing exhibitions not in compliance.

Q. I am a Musician/DJ and would like to perform, will there be music this year?

A. Yes, we will be featuring both live performers and DJ's from around Second Life!  If you'd like to come and play, we invite DJ's to contact Jewelkicker Spearmann or Gage Goodliffe in-world. Live Performers can contact Glimmer Silversta

-- Edited by Dusty Linden to clarify the event guidelines-- thanks to everyone who pointed out the discrepancy in KB article