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how to make clothes

sorry I am a big noob at this stuff so could someone explain it as simple as they can please?

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Re: how to make clothes

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There are two basic types of clothing: (1) "Standard" clothes that are applied on the avatar body as textures and (2) "Prim" clothes that are attached to the avatar body.  All of the work in making standard clothes involves creating textures in an external graphics program like Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, or GIMP and then uploading them to SL.  To get a feel for how it's done, take a look at Natalia Zelmanov's intro level tutorials. As you have questions, ask in the Texturing forum (not here).  Making prim clothing also involves a fair amount of texturing, but the textures are applied to prims (or sculpties) that you then attach to the avatar as individual or linked objects. Aside from the texturing, there's a moderate amount of skill involved in shaping prims appropriately and, if necessary, figuring out how to set flexi parameters so that they respond well as the avatar moves. Again, Natalia's tutorials are a good place to start, but I'd suggest using your in-world Search to find classes as well. Use Search >> Events >> Educational and type in an obvious keyword like "clothing." There are many good classes offered free each week.

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