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Monster Energy Rally car templates for 2013 Zapax

Hello. I am looking everywhere on the web for Monster Energy Rally Car templates. I seen one from Car Town (the game I used to play on Facebook) and researched images on the Internet. I am wondering if there's any templates for the 2013 Zapax Offroad Rally X-Sport for the Monster Energy rally car. The car will be on the marketplace soon without any decals but it is painted black/green.

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Re: Monster Energy Rally car templates for 2013 Zapax

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I'm not sure what you mean by "templates" in this context.  Regardless, you can't use someone else's trademark without their permission.  If you are an authorized representative of Monster Energy, chances are the company will provide you with whatever graphics you need.  If you're not, then you don't have permission, and you can't use their name or logo.  Either way makes this a non-issue.

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