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Error with media_plugin_webkit

when I open the second life viewer 2, appears to me a message that says something about a media_plugin_webkit error.

how can I resolve this error and play second life for the first time?

plx help me

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Re: Error with media_plugin_webkit

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Hello Gene, welcome to Second Life : )

Please make sure your Quicktime, Flash Player and Java are all up-to-date.

Completely uninstall all Viewers, How   do I fully uninstall and reinstall Second Life? Make sure all  Caches,   User Settings and content of any Windows Temporary folders are also deleted.

Shut  down your computer.

Then download the latest Viewer  from here Second  Life® Installer, save the programme to your Desktop and install.

If you have a problem logging in, you can submit a Ticket with Support at see Ticket   Types

When you're logged in  as a Basic account holder or Guest, you should only use the Special  Questions - Basic account or Guest Login ticket type. Ticket types for Basic account holders and Guests include the  following.

Account issue -  Use one of these if you're having a  problem creating or logging into  their account.
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Another Way ...

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This error seems to have re-emerged (on XP) with the latest client release. The symptom is repeated popups of a box telling you that media_plugin_webkit has failed to load, followed by failure of shared media to work, etc.

I've had various luck with the rigamarole of "removing all prior versions, yadda-yadda, sterilizing system, reinstalling XP, buying a new computer, etc." Usually something works. Meanwhile, a good temporary fix involves finding slplugin.exe in the folder SecondLifeViewer2, right-clicking it, and setting Compatibility to Windows95. - immersive virtual events
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Re: Error with media_plugin_webkit

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First Setp

The new viewer generation (SL 2.0,  Emerald, Snowglobe, etc) uses AppleWebKit (aka Safari) as an internal  browser and to render media in-World in Windows and Mac Environment. So,  if you are a Windows or Mac user, you must to install the Adobe Flash  Player for Safari to watch flash content (the plugin is the same for  Firefox and Opera).

The Flash Player Plugin for Internet Explorer and Chrome does not work for SL.

Visit the link below, select your System Environment on Combobox, choose the plugin for Other Browsers (Firefox, Safari and Opera) and be sure that you are dowloading the correct plugin and install it:

Second Step

Download the last QuickTime player and install or update it:


I am sure the steps above will solve your problem

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