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Am I the only one who's noticed SEARCH is broken again? All Viewers

From April through July 2010, broken Search caused thousands of stores and possibly hundreds of sims to close. Our land group barely survived to the extra cost in tier that is normally supported by sales. A few of our activity adventure sims for the public with no private property are supported this way.

Then amazingly Search worked as it should in August and September. There was hope! Traffic and sales were as it should be. Then about two to three weeks ago, Search results have became even worse and irrelevent. Even using quotes around phrases is not functioning as well either. It is obvious that the top results favor region-sized or large parcels. YES small parcels paying for Search get left in the dust no matter what the traffic count is.

If Search doesn't improve by the end of 2010, we cannot continue our $3000US a month overhead in tier, search fees, and classifieds. Our small 13 region continent was developed mainly for the public to play on and is not private rental sims nor operating for profit. We have enjoyed offering a variety of activities and festivities to the residents of SL, as well as serve as working sims for occupations and first responder training, medical and mental health support, as well as other special group interests. This variety of themes, support, and activities is very labor intense and expensive.

Our visitor traffic dropped about 50% starting October 12th (like it did in mid April earlier this year), and keyword and phrase search results went whacky again.  Is anyone else experiencing this? Last I heard, estate and store owners gave up on the Jira regarding this matter.