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Accepted Solution
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Here are the Mesh Rules:

1) Before buying any Mesh product verify that your PC and Viewer can see mesh objects properly. Always get the demo of the product 1st and no impulse buying.

[Note: Just because you can see the end result on the picture the creator displays their wares on, doesn't mean you can See Mesh in-world. Yes I had to explain this to someone!]

2) If you find the Mesh Product works for you, Feel free to buy it.  Do realize that many people in SL will never see your Mesh outfit or product properly. So if headed to a public gathering where the looks of your outfit are important, do this with this knowledge.

3) Start at rule 1 again until Mesh is accepted by all the SL community.

If the Mesh object is visible but doesn't fit as you like [even after trying on all sizes] and you don't want to mod your avatar size to match the size chart included with some Mesh outfits. Walk away and get another outfit.

I have a few mesh outfits I very much enjoy, ,but I don't wear them to my DJ gigs or out dancing ... Yet!

OK - Other possibilities, clear out that cache, the rendered Mesh items may be slightly borked in it.

Also, you can manually set a Mesh Resolution setting to help in your Mesh rendering..Looking it up now and will post below once found:

Yea found it from http://slofdreams.blogspot.com/2012/03/important-tip-for-rendering-mesh.html

Here is the magic:

If you have trouble seeing your mesh items follow this advice from Tymmerie Thorne

If your mesh items disappear, try this:
  1. Go to Advanced>Show Debug Settings
  2. Type or paste MeshMaxConcurrentRequest into the dialog box that appears.
  3. Set MeshMaxConcurrentRequest to between 75 - 100. 
  4. Close the dialog box.
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