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online av tracker

If you are using online av tracker does it always pick up eveny log in and log out. Not speaking of the see freinds online feature but an online tracker device

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The quick answer is NO. The more detailed answer is "That depends on the script code used in the AV Online Detector ~and~ the performance of the region it is running in". Most AV Online detectors simply poll for some available status on a set frequency. Let's say checking once a minute. So 60 times an hour this script wakes up, runs the test and examines the results.

If the AV is Online - turn on the green light. If not leave it off.

Can you login and stub you toe and crash and not be detected - YES!

Can you login and not be detected because the detector is in a laggy region - YES!

Link to script code to detect an avatar using the   llRequestAgentData function.


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With the avatar online tracker device I use, I test always by having my own avatar(s) names on the list of avatars I am tracking, and have opted to have this information relayed to my email. I know from this information that not always does the online tracker pick up 100% accurate information. It is a guide only.


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