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my avatar remains as a white oval ghost when the program is run, how can i get rid of this?
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after the second life is run my avatar doesn't load, it remains as a white oval ghost.

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Advanced Menu> Show Debug Settings > RenderUnloadedAvatar worked for me where I was persistenly an oval ghost under Viewer 2, but was showing normally under Imprudence. I did sit on a "clear visual cache" object I had handy, as mentioned by someone else.

In any case, I was finally able to manifest inworld and change clothes.


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There are many reasons for this.

1. Connection speed

2. Slow Processor Speed

3. Inadequate Memory

4. Video card not up to specifications.

5. Combinations of 1, 2, 3, 4

6.Viewer preferences set too high for computer specifications. (adjust accordingly)

7. Corrupt textures. To find these go to debug setting and type in renderunloadedavatar. Next, change all your wearables (including eyes, skin, shape, system hair) to find which texture is corrupt.





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click ctrl + alt + r and you can see your avatar

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Like the other residents have stated. Try Rebaking your avatar, try the Test avatar.


What changed is always a good place to start.

You can open your statistic page and if zero downloads are pending and your frame rate is steady, chances are nothing is happening. Updated data is not being sent to your avatar.

Try visiting an empty region. Place your cursor on your ava-cloud and zoom in with your camera on you. Zoom in as close as possible and wait for a minute or two.  

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The cause is usually that one of the compulsory avatar parts (hairbase/shape/skin/eyes) hasn`t loaded properly

Method 1
Create a folder, name it something easy to find so you can always keep it in your inventory for future use, like Normal Me or whatever.
Put a copy of your usual basic components in there...Skin, shape, eyes, hair (including bald base) and a basic shirt and pair of pants.
Right click on the folder and select REPLACE

Method 2
Reset your avvie to default
Advanced Menu >>Character>>Character Tests >> Test Male (or Female)
Developers Menu (ctrl alt Q)>>Avatar>>Character Tests>>Test Male (or Female)
Depending which viewer you are on.

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For Viewer 2,  

 I follow this when I'm a cloud that won't manifest if Advanced>Rebake Textures (Ctrl+Alt+R) doesn't work: 

Go to

Menu>Advanced>Show Debug Settings>RenderUnloadedAvatar> then  Select True and Close the window.

If you don't show an "Advanced"  menu item  Ctrl+Alt+D will bring it up

If this doesn't work, you need to clear your cache and if that doesn't work, uninstall and reinstall SL. 

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Relog or do CTRL+ALT + R to force rezz.

Reset your  avtar to default like this:

Advanced Menu >>Character>>Character Tests >> Test Male (or Female)

That could well be SL issues  and not your fault.

Check the Second Life Status Blog:
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I've been searching for a cure for the white oval syndrome for about a week.  Control alt R doesn't work, nor does changing clothes or reloading or clearing the cache or any other cures I've come across. 

I give up.  I had come back to SL after a long hiatus, so apparently I don't need it in my life.  Too bad - I wonder how many people disappear forever from SL because they've given up too.  Clearly it's a pervasive enough problem that a permanent fix could be found.  I might peek back in after 6 months or so to see if an across the board fix has been implemented.  Until then, screw it.  I've run out of patience.

Sorry there's no better answer.  I know how addictive SL can be, and I know how much time and money can be invested in it, building a world, making friends, maybe even running a business.   I guess I'm lucky - I only got immersed enough to spend hundreds of thousands of linden dollars on a kick-ass wardrobe that apparently I'll never get to see again, so I'm only out the money.  Good luck.