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how do i turn off typing animation?

how do i turn it off so that when i chat publicly i dont type in the air?

doesnt look right

i'd appreciate your help ppl


thanks very much  Smiley Happy

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First you need to have the Advanced Menu activated - if you can't see it, press ctrl + Alt + D 

You should then see something like "Debug Settings Option" or "Debug Settings" in this Advanced Menue (this could be a little dufferent in different viewers - some older e.g. have the Debug Settings it under "Client", if remember correctly). The debug settings are a long list of parameters that can be set - look for PlayTypingAnim and set it to FALSE - that's it

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Addition to what Luc said: Since some server fix over a year ago, AOs don't need to have typing animation enabled anymore to detect if an avatar is typing. And second: For the third-party viewer Firestorm made a feature that disables those annoying head tilts, shouting animations and whispering animations when you press enter.

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I've tried both the "debug" and the "preferences - uncheck animate avatar" but neither of them seem to work. Any suggestions? I am using Emergence viewer.

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Click Edit/Preferences (or Ctrl+P) to open Preferences. In the chat tab, uncheck Play typing animation when chatting. Personally, unless I'm in a photo shoot or something like that, I like to use a typing animation replacement like my Blackberry. Smiley Wink


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Keep in mind that it often is useful for others to be able to see that you are typing something.

It is possible to get a different typing animation to use in stead of the default one. At least some AO's let you specify which typing anim to use, if not all of them.

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