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how do i change my last name? i hate my last name!!!!

Hi, how do i change my last name? i hate my last name!!!!

The name of my avi is Franiee and your last name is Resident,  it's sounds to uggly.I don't Like and custom  Smiley Frustrated Any suggestions would be greatly appreicated!!

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Hello franiee. You can NOT change your second name. THe only you can do is to change your display name.

Open your profile --> Edit profile --> Set your display name --> Save

After that, Menu Me --> Preferences --> General Tab --> click Display names --> OK

Thats all

If you want to know more about display names you can check out the following link:


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As others have said you can't change your username. Of course the LL fangirls and fanbois will come and tell you that "Resident" doesn't really exist and what not, but what they fail to realize is that you want a Lastname like the ones those fangirls already have. I suggest you tweet Rodvik Linden @rodvik and let him know how disappointed you are that you as a new user can't have a lastname.

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You cannot change that name unfortunately because of LL's idea that you don't need something like a last name when you can have a display name. Only thing you can do is set a fake display name and write to LL that you want a last name. Maybe - okay, we all know LL doesn't listen - they evantually might change their mind and give different last names in the future again.

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Hi franiee,


Welcome to SL Answers. I am sorry but franiee Resident is your username and username can't be changed. You can change display name. Here is Torley's tutorial how to do that.


Here is more information updated. I forgot that profiles has changed since Torley's tutorial was made.