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how can i create my own hair?

I am very new to this so dont really know how to do much but i want to know how i can create my own hair?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank You x

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Hello partypoison. Although i am not a creator, i know that there a lot of tutorials about, some of them into the official SL Wiki pages. Till someone else responds with a better answer, have a look here.

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The first thing you will need to do is take some basic building classes or work on your own using some tutorials. Hair is tricky and these days often includes sculpties, flexi prims and hand made textures. So lots of skills need to be learned before you can start creating. You can buy sculpt maps on the marketplace for some of the shapes, so you don't need to learn how to make your own sculpts (thank goodness). I have made hair, but honestly I think it is harder than jewelry or buildings or anything else I have made *wink*.


On the plus side, we can always use a great new hair maker. VANITY reigns in SL.

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Hi, PartyP --

Creating almost anything takes practice and a fair tolerance for mistakes, but hey, that's the way we all start.  If you want to create hair, take a look at Natalia Zelmanov's blog >>> .  That's a good beginner-level tutorial.  After you see how it's done, I suggest getting yourself some hair, making a copy, and taking it apart prim by prim to see how it's made.  Don't try to copy what the creator has done --- that wouldn't be ethical, after all  -- but learn from her example.  Have fun. 

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