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can you make you avatar invisible
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Well, yes and no.  You can wear a total body alpha layer if you want.  That will make your av invisible, although any attachments you are wearing (hair, prim or mesh clothing, etc.) will still be visible.  You cannot make your overhead tag disappear. Also, there's no way to make your dot on everyone's mini-map disappear and there's no way to make you undetectable to scripts that are doing a sensor scan of the area. That's a good thing, because it means that griefers cannot be totally invisible either.

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Actually, Rolig, you CAN make your avatar completely invisible...including the name tag.

There are some caveats:

  • you can still be seen on the Map, Mini-Map, People/Nearby list, or avatar radars like MystiTool.
  • Your voice dot can be seen, if you have voice active and are on voice enabled land
  • your nametag can still be seen when you use local chat, IF the other person is using the Bubble Chat option
  • You have to teleport to another region and back to become visible again after removing the invisibility cloak

The darn thing is on the Marketplace, and (rather unfortunately) works as advertised.  Search "invisibility cloak".

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