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bitten by vampire, soul in limbo, how do i get it back

Was bitten a long time ago by a vampire, I don't remember being asked. Just found out my soul has been in limbo ever since, how do I get my soul back to normal.

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well I am Catholic so would think a couple of Hail Marys should do the trick

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simple answer hon wormwood potion will bring a soul back from limbo to its original body, as long as you don't own the bloodlines hud and are still human

this can be bought for 249L on market place I recommend using a garlic necklace after wards they are free on market and blocks vamps from random bite requests

hope it helps hugsss

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Well, you could simply ignore it, if you're not involved in that kind of Vampire role playing. If someone told me Ceera's 'soul' was in limbo or whatever, I'd probably reply with something like "Oh? Really? And how did you manage that? I don't play that game, and you saying it is so doesn't make it so.". I could quite happily roleplay with them how that attack actually would have quite spectacularly failed, if their vampire had ever been so unlucky as to try to attack my character, who is a Goddess of vengence and nightmares. 

On the plus side, most of those databases only let you get bitten once, and you're 'immune' to their attacks after that. No further vampires from that clan system will ever try to bite you.

If it really matters, most of them offer somethijng like a "free garlic necklace" that purges you from their database. But it also makes you fair game again for future attacks.

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Hello Xplorer and welcome to SL Forums. I don't know many about Vampires but maybe you will find your answer at the following link: Alternatively you can post your question at Vampires category in SL Forums.

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This is bull**bleep**. Your soul IS normal. Ignore it. If it helps you feel more comfortable, get a garlic necklace from the MP:

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simply potion your soul back , then wear a garlic necklace.... problem solved , but if you have joined the bloodlines game

you can never get your soul back to yourself.  or or or  just leave it in limbo and none other can bite you , and if you buy a hud from bloodlines your soul will become they'res ....

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i went through the same thing.afterwarda vampire told me that my soul was in'limbo',at first i was upset;not knowing any better but then i found out some interesting things.the first is that it is only a scare tactic aimed to get you caught up in the vamp game,and second my soul belongs to christ and my soul is his alone.don't worry yourself over least now that you've been bit it won't happen again.

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Simple. If your interested in being in bloodlines buy the wormwood potion. if not, ignore it

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You don't even need to worry about it, unless you want to play the Bloodlines vampire game.

I went around for years with my soul "owned" by my vampire friend, because I'd let her bite me out of curiosity.  I never missed it.

If it troubles you, get a FREE garlic necklace from the Marketplace.  Wear it, touch the garlic bulb, select Activate, then remove the necklace.  Voila...your soul is free and no one else can bite you and take it from you.

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