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Where do I find these lola tangos? I'm trying to find the best place for big boobs

I see alot of girls with big boobs but not sure where they getting them. I always see the name Lolas! or Lolas Tangos. Not sure where to find them im still understanding how things work on here. Can someone help me?

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What you are probably seeing is girls wearing attachable prim breasts.  These can be truly enormous...and make you look like you are walking around behind a pair of dirigibles.  Besides size, they have the advantage of not appearing "blocky" in profile, which the normal avatar breasts can do, at the higher settings.  And, they can be scripted to respond (in chat) to other people touching them.  Some of them even have the option to change size at the command of others.

Prim breasts have one major disadvantage: the avatar clothing layers do not cover them.  Well-made prim breasts have the option to wear different types of coverings of their own.  This may be a feature that comes with the breasts, or add-on "clothing" for them that you can buy separately.  Even so, you will be much more limited in your choice of clothing while wearing these attachments.

Also, all attachments become phantom when they are worn.  This means that your dance partner may appear to become embedded in your endowment.

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Thank you for bring it up as Lola's Tango shows the tragic failing of Search on Market place

You get thousands of Hits on search for Lola’s Tango as all creators mention that in description of clothes they make.

Just today I helped 2 girls looking for Store in market place. And thousands of searches on Market place with so many having Key words Lola Tango

Under Avatar Accessories search for Lola Tango alone has 1281 matching items found.

I so miss that simple tick bock of “Search in current Category” instead of such massive broad choices Such a simple thing. Market place is a tragic fail regards customer service and ease of use compared to the old Xstreet. Major fail Linden’s  

Try looking for a Grey Men’s suit you do not get a choice other than Apparel, Not Men’s Formal wear and use one word “ Grey “  Why the hell would I want a 5 Prim bedroom set in my search for a SUIT!



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Go to CLEAVAGE. The place. If you search places some of them wil have a link to a place in CLEAVAGE, the place. Right in the middle of town. That little box store.. LOLA's Tangos. Most get the perky ones, so check which ones you want, and get those for sure. There are onlyu two styles?


That being said... Cleavage - Lubbly Jubblies - Going Bust, Cleavage (117, 180, 22) - Moderate will get you there, or real close to it.


Cleavage - Lubbly Jubblies - Going Bust, Cleavage (117, 180, 22) - Moderate



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One place to look is the Marketplace >>> https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search[category_id]=&search[maturi...

When you are looking for something to buy, Marketplace is a good first step.   Many merchants have in-world shops with different merchandise, so the next step is to use the Search function in your viewer or at search.secondlife.com. [EDIT: See Griff's answer. Smiley Happy ] If you are looking for something hard-to-find, you can also post a query here in the Wanted forum or, if you want a custom item created for you, in the InWorld Employment forum.

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