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What happens to an avatar if I accept a vampire to bite me ? does it affect my AV or my SL profile?

Hi I have vampire friend on SL.

I wanted to know what happens to the AV or my SL profile if I allow him to bite.

will it affect me in any way. 

he said he will have my soul ? is this a game or something to do with avatar ?

thanks Smiley Happy

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He will only get your soul if you decide to join Bloodlines. If you don't want to join the game, don't accept a bite request. While it has no effect on your Second Life experience, your name will be placed on the Bloodlines database where it will remain as long as Bloodlines exists.

You can never be removed from the database although your presence on it can be hidden by wearing a freely available garlic necklace once, activating it then removing. If you wear it again and deactivate it, you'll be back on the live blood register so to speak. The Bloodlines owner was forced to create the necklace some years ago because of the anger the game was creating among residents sick of the bite requests and being unable to get their names off the database and player Huds.

Bloodlines has been the subject of many bitter threads over the years, most now archived from the old Forum but you can still find them easily using Google or from the link below.  Unless you want to get involved in Bloodlines, it would be better not to accept any bite requests.

Here are some threads you can read from the Forum archive:

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It's just a game, it won't affect your inworld experience.

Your name will go into a public database though, so people can see your soul is (already) taken and by whom.

You can read more about it on this page: SL Bloodlines

I should warn you though. as soon as you give someone permissions, those permissions will stay for the particular script that calls for them. For the vampire bite that is just the bite as far as I know, but people could make something that looks like a vampire bite but actually is something else completely. The permissions system could allow others to put you in certain poses for example, at their will and there's nothing you'll be able to do about it. There is no real security risk, like personal information, your balance or your inventory, but a script as I mentioned can be very annoying to say the least.

Personally, I wouldn't click that accept button if I don't know the person asking permissions.

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As Kwakkelde says, it's just a game.   It would only really be an issue,  I think, if you later decided you wanted to play the Bloodlines game for yourself-- then who first bit you, and what clan of vampires they belong to, becomes important, but not otherwise.