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My Avatar is a white glowing ball.


When I login my Avatar is a white glowing ball. When I  teleporting to different places and it did not change. I also change my video setting to low and  nothing  seemed to help.

This is the 1st time I have  had any problems.  I took a screen shot but, I'm not sure how post a picture on here.

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Hello Asami. 

If you see your avatar like a white glowing ball or as a  cloud means that your avatar isn't fully loaded. At first try to rebake your textures with Ctrl+Alt+R.

Open your inventory, write something in search there and wait fetching ALL your items till the last one. After that, move to a region with less lag.  Lime  is a protected land which is recommended. There, try to change outfit. Choose one with just the necessary stuff (skin, shape, hair, eyes, pants and shirt) without any attachments.

Something else you can do is the test your avatar. In Viewer 2 give the command: Menu Develop (Ctrl+Alt+Q) --> Avatar --> Character Tests --> Test Male / Female.

 If the problem remains, clear your cache:

(XP) - C: \ Documents and Settings \ (USER NAME) - AppData \ SecondLife
(Vista) - C: \ Users \ (USER NAME) \ AppData - Local \ SecondLife
(Win 7) - C: \ Users \ (USER NAME) \ AppData - Roaming \ SecondLife

Delete everything in that folder and restart first your computer and after the program. Usually the folder Appdata is a hidden folder. (Windows Tools \ Folder Options \ View & enable Show Hidden Files/Folders)

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First, reboot your router. This solves many problems. If that does not work, do a character test:

From the top menu: Advanced->Character->Character Tests->Test Female

(If you do not see the Advanced tab in the top menu, press Ctrl-Alt-d to get it.)

The character test will revert your avatar to its baked and basic level. You will then need to reattach your clothes, HUDS, hair, eyes, etc.

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Maybe here you can find the answer.