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Is there any way to check if someone has alts?

Is there a way to find out if someone has an alt?

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Ask them. 


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Hello is there a way to find out if someone has alt ids here in secondlife?

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Trying to determine if two accounts are alts of the same real person is impossible. You can't conclusively prove that they are, and they can't conclusively prove that they are NOT the alt.


You trying to prove that they are...

You might try to trace their IP address, as several so-calld "alt detection" systems that you could buy claim to be able to do. Well, that only works if they access the media stream in the parcel where a sensor for that spy system is located. I always have media and sound turned off, so I could walk right through those spywear loaded areas (and I have) and my IP address and system info would never get captured. And even if you do capture an IP address and associate it with more than one SL Account, they may be accessing SL from a public library, or a net cafe, or a college dorm, a school computer lab, or from a household with seven family members all with their own computers, and a household router. Many unrelated people could be using that same IP address. The address may even get reassigned at random by their ISP, so what was Bill's IP address yesterday (belonging to a gut on the North side of New York) might tomorrow be in use by Mary, who really is an 80 year old woman on the East side of New York.

You could try to catch them with "typing style" or "speech patterns" or "knowing something only Bill should know". But two peoiple might well have similar typing patterns, and make similar spelling errors, and Bill may have told all his friends about that secret that you whispered to him last night.

At best, you can only "Prove" that there is a strong possibility that two accounts are linked.

So how about them "proving" otherwise?

You can not "prove a negative". You can prove that something IS, but not that something IS NOT.

Let's say you think Tom and Bill are the same person. Tom tries to disprove it by arranging for both Tom and Bill to meet you in SL at the same time, and both be text chatting with you at once. How can he prove that for that test, He didn't get a friend to log in as his alt, and impersonate him? He can't. Even if Tom comes to visit you in person and sits down on your computer and logs in as Tom, and you watch him chatting with Voice with Bill, that still could be a friend of his on the other end, temporarily using the account to fool you? See? There is no conclusive way to prove he is NOT an alt.

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No. Unless they tell you, which they won't most certainly.

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