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How to edit an alpha layer?
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I bought some flip-flops that were quite nice, but made for very big feet. When I made them smaller, my feet showed very plainly underneath, but all boxy and angular. (Why didn't they show when the flip-flops were bigger? Weird.)

I tried editing the foot shape, but that didn't help. I couldn't make it smaller, and my feet were already size zero.

Then I looked in the library and found some alpha layers. One of them made my feet disappear (yay!) but also made some of my ankle disappear as well (boo!), so my foot was disconnected from my leg.

I tried to edit the alpha shape, but only succeeded in making myself disappear up to my middle. So I took it off and gave up.

What can I do?

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First of all you need to figure out if the sandals are using an alpha layer (it didn't sound like one came with them) OR an invisiprim (still in use as lots of folks can't use alpha layers). IF you sandals are using an invisiprim AND you can mod them (rather than a resize script) you can make JUST the invisprim larger by using the build tools. Make a copy first of course (OF COURSE  Smiley Very Happy

Also, it is likely that you may have an alpha layer from another pair of shoes that will work just fine. I have abandoned lots of invisprims (they often come separately as well as attached to the shoes) in favor of alpha layers. I use ones from a newer pair of boots for some of my favorite old boots (sans invisiprims) and it makes for a much nicer look.


So those are a couple of other options besides the free alphas. I have picked up some of those and they weren't all that great, but you may have better luck. Hope you get your sandals fitting perfectly.


And the reason your foot didn't show before is most likely that the invisiprim was covering up your foot. When you made the sandal smaller, it made the invisiprim smaller also and it is now too little to cover everything.   -- You can see the invisprim in the build menu when you click on the shoe in edit mode. It will "surround" the sandal and often looks like a large ice cube or whatever - sometimes like a very badly shaped foot. You can edit JUST the invisprim (making it larger) by using the "edit linked part" feature. Again , be sure and try this on a COPY , especially if it is a new skill in the making Smiley Very Happy



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Check out this easy alpha tutorial Sasy Scarborough of SasyPants put together here.  Free gimp download (it’s like photoshop, if you don’t have it) here.

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You can make a custom alpha layer mask with Photoshop, GIMP, Paintshop Pro, or whatever your favorite graphics program is, provided that it can handle layers.  It's just like making any article of clothing.  If you don't know how to do that, though, you can find a large selection of pre-made alpha masks, usually free, by shopping in Marketplace or in shops in world.  (I have absolutely no idea what quality to expect, for example, but take a look at, which is free on Marketplace.)

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