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How do I use a tip jar?

I bought a tip jar to use when I work at a club. I don't know how to use it... I can't wear it or attach it to myself because then it moves around with me.


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You have to rez it on the floor or somewhere beside you if you are a dancer, not attach it or wear it. Make sure the club's owner grants you the right to rez things in the club. Don't forget to take it back to your inventorry when your session is finished otherwise your tipjar might be returned to you by the land owner and would end up in your lost and found folder.

Make sure you read carefully the notecard for the settings of the amount of donations and the way to collect your money.

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All tip jars are different and work different.  Some require you to just rez it and click it, others will follow you and you don't need to rez since they are already rezzed. Most tip jars in clubs do a revenue share with the owner.  If Alicia Stella made it, you just click it and it will follow you.  To take it off, you click it again.  You don't attach it and you wont be able to pick it up and wear it.

I would make sure the owner of the club you are at is ok with you using your own tip jar.

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Most club owners will provide tip jars.  To use it, you log in to the jar.  As long as you're logged in, you receive your share of the tips.  When you're finished with your shift, log out to allow the next dancer to use the jar

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