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How do I go about making my avatar a child?

I have read much about being a child on 2nd life, but nothing about how to create a child avatar. Supposedly there are locations that can transform you but I haven't found any such thing.... Any adresses\locations would be helpful. as would any other information\answers that could help me!!!!

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The first thing you want to do is find other children. Unfortunately there is a lot of hate in SL against people using child avatars (probably because of misinformation), that they are the only exception in the ToS that discriminates on looks doesn't help. As a result almost all children have left the general Second Life places and are running a "secondlife inside secondlife" so to say, exclusively using private sims, where you'll find almost only children, and no adults. You will find very very few children on Linden Labs mainland.  There are several different types of communities within the world of SL children however. One of them evolves around 'adoption', this community exists of sims with families on them (to live on), schools, and stuff like that, as well as the 'adoption agency' sims to bring parents and children together. Another group is the partying wildboys who don't want parents to tell them what to do. This group mostly organizes parties, explores, parties, boyscout camps, parties and have sims where they live without parents/adults. To find the first group, search for an adoption center, there you'll meet them. To find the second group, you could try to find 'The Vortex', the longest standing and most wellknown (famous!) dancing with mostly kids. There are many more dancings of course Smiley Wink. Don't expect to get all answers from the first children you meet (some might even be mean, who knows). It's a whole adventure to discover this world, and it surely will take a lot of time to find and get to know all places (and all people) and make the right friends. I'd help you myself, but well - there's also another GRID that SL children have fled to, away from the hostility of other SL users... I'm not much in SL anymore. Yay opensim! Drop me a line in SL if you want to know more about that (I might see it next time I login there).


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You go to Marketplace and type in "child avatar" in the Search field. 

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Start with the Appearance sliders.  Get small!  Add a skin with no makeup.  Buy some kids' clothes and a pair of sneakers.


Yes, there ARE great Mainland rentals...in Masocado, baby!
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Bluerayne institute
Opening soon inworld
Therapy based girls school on a beautiful private Sim. We're here to help you explore childhood in a calm nurturing environment free from pressure and expectations. The school features housing a place to call home , offers multiple classes based on students interests. You create your experience here. We have a family enviroment and we treat every child as our own. If you choose we will assist in finding you an adoptive home as well.
There are many therapeutic groups and trips to beautiful Sims. To ensure the highest level of care and to maintain a wholesome relaxing environment there is zero tolerance for griefing and harassment.
We are hoping to provide a powerful dynamic technique that aims at purifying one's body, mind and heart. The benefits are multiple.
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There is no such thing as a "transfortmation" into a childavatar. This type of avatar is no different than any other style people chose for their avatars. If you use the right search terms you can find a huge varity of clothes, skins, shapes and much more, all suited to let your avatar look like a child. You can either search for them on the Marketplace or look for stores within Second Life.

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