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How do I change my profile picture with a picture in my photo album?

Since they changed the viewer again, I can't drag or get a picture from my photo album into my profile.  Any suggestions??

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1. Go to Inventory in your account

2. Open the pic you want to up on your profile pic

3. Click on Save as to save it in your computer

4. Close the pic & go to your profile

5. After you've clicked on your profile a window will pop up on the side in SL

6. Edit your profile

7. Beside the pic thing it will say something like choose a file... etc... (i think)

click on that & then find the pic (in your documents/where you saved it etc...) then click ok

8. Then click upload

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If you are referring to the new web profiles, just pull a photo from your computer.  If you don't have the photo on your computer hard drive, open it and then save it to the hard drive.  I don't like the web profiles much, but the one nice thing is that there is no charge for uploading a picture saved on your computer up to your profile.


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Hey there Jo. With the new web profiles after the edition 2.5 of viewer 2 you can not use a picture by your inventory directly as central pic in your profile. You need to have the pic in your hard disk (computer). If you have an old pic in your inventory you can NOT save it in your computer and after upload it in your profile because very simply when you save in your computer  the pic will be saved with the extension .tga. The viewer 2 does NOT allow you to upload a pic with this extension, only pics with the following extensions: a) .jgp b) .png c) .gif (with maximum size 5 MB).

So the solution is to open the picture in world and save it in your computer no with save us, but using the command "PRINT SCEEN". As you have the picture open, you click the key "print screen" by your keyboard, you open a program which is able to accept images (for example Microsoft Paint or Photoshop or other) and you paste the pick there. Finally you save the pic in your hard disk using one of the 3 extensions i reported.

The last step (having now the pic in your hard disk) is to open your profile in world --> edit profile --> change (if you have already another pic --> upload the new pic --> save changes

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None of the posted solutions work on Mac OS X 10.x

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The posted solution works fine for me on Mac OS 10.7.2.

You can take a snapshot and use it for your profile but you do need to download it and re-upload it. I recommend using GraphicConverter to change the image from a tga file to a jpeg. (or any other format). It is fast and incredibly flexible.