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Guys that pretend to be girls
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I don't have a particular problem with this, my partner in SL is a guy and prefers to be female. He has no sexual agenda, any how my question is. Does SL have rules on seeing photos of girls when they guys, BTW mine are verified.

Added: Sorry i mean in the RL profile bit

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SecondLife has no dog in this fight other than at registration time. SecondLife does require honest representation of your identity when you create an account. But that information is protected by Linden Research. After you are logged in, the gloves are off and you can be anything you want to be.

The Secondlife TOS and Privacy rules protect all account owners from inquiry and publication as to any real world information including but not limited to actual gender and any sexual orientation.

As a DJ and Land Owner, I find the best policy is to accept all avatars as presented.

When entering into a relationship with another person with an avatar account, most people understand there is a measure of privacy in regards to real world information. If you want to work outside the privacy rules imposed in SecondLife to determine suitability of a person to your real life situation, you may do that. But remember, that information is not to be shared with others in SL at all.

Violation of this Privacy and TOS covenant has sanctions associated with it up to and including permanent banning from SecondLife.

To answer your 2nd question - Can a guy put a phony RL picture in his RL picture profile - Of course. As long as it is not copyrighted. The copyright owner can come after that account holder if that is the case Smiley Tongue

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No, and such things would fall under the category of inter-resident disputes if there was an issue.  People are free to present as any machine or species they want in SL, let alone gender.  Note, however, that any misrepresentation of personal details when creating an account is a banning offence.

In other words:- tell LL the truth and then you can lie as much as you like to other residents.

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