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Where can i detach or disable my facelight in Firestorm


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Same way you do in any viewer...look at the Worn tab in your inventory, find it, and detach it.

Note:  Your facelight may be a part of some other item...some hair includes facelights.  In this case, see the notecard that came with the item.

You can also disable your facelight in your own viewer by going to Avatar/Preferences/Graphics and disabling Local Lights.  This will turn off the facelight for you, but not for others who have local lights enabled.  You can also turn off other people's facelights in your own viewer by disabling lights attached to others.

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It doesn't make any difference which viewer you use.  Detaching a facelight isn't a viewer feature. It's just like wearing or taking off anything else.  Open your inventory, find the facelight, and detach it.  If your facelight is in some other object like your hair, then it almost certainly came with a notecard that explains how to turn off the light.  If you have lost the notecard, ask the merchant for a replacement.  Or just try something popular in chat like /1 light off .

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