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Clothing wont load and avatar, reverted to the basic with no skin, eyes etc. What to do?
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This type of problem can happen when you have a bad connection to the SL Servers. Use Troubleshoot Your #SL Connection to see if it is you or the region you are in that is having a problem.

Rendering the avatar is a special case. It is a more complex process than rendering in the rest of Second Life. The idea with avatars is to save CPU cycles on users' computers and the SL servers. The idea requires your viewer to download all the textures that make up your avatar and its clothes; a shape, skin, top, pants, hair, and shoes textures. The viewer ‘bakes’ those into a single composite texture. You see your avatar render nice and sharp when that bake completes. Then your viewer uploads that composite texture for all to see. That saves others downloading all the individual textures and baking them. Your avatar goes blurry as it downloads and decompresses the composite texture you just uploaded and it becomes sharp when that process finishes. You are the only one that sees the double blurry for your avatar.

If that process hangs or fails there is a problem. Where it fails affects what you or others see.

You can try the old standby quick fixes for avatar rez problems:

  1. Change your active group or group tag.
  2. Press rebake (Ctrl-Alt-R) once a minute for 3 minutes.
  3. Change your bald.
  4. Change your shape.
  5. Move to another region and try 1 to 4 again.

There is a longer explanation of the problem here: #SL Clouds, Grey, and Blurry Avatars.

More in depth fixes are here: Avatar Render Problems: Ghost Cloud Smoke Ball Ruth.