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I just want mesh boobs, where the heck do you get them, do you have to buy complete AVI to get lolas tango boobs?

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Sandra Moonites' main store is at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lolas/142/82/37  You can find them there.

By the way, Valerie's excellent answer might be confusing...because there are two items.

First, there are the mesh breasts themselves.  But you will also see tons of ads for "appliers".  These are NOT the breasts.  An applier is a clothing texture that "applies" that texture over the mesh breasts, allowing you to wear clothing that you buy from other creators.  Any dress or top that is advertised as having "appliers" for Lolas Tangos will work with that brand of mesh breasts.

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No, you can get appliers without buying a whole avi. Search on the marketplace: avatar accessories > other accessories, type "lolas" or "tango" as keywords. 

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