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Body Movement

I've been working in qavimator and in poser for a while now, but Im still have trouble figuring out how to do movement with feet and body,(like in a turn in a dance), no matter what I do, it doesnt seem to look smooth, I've tried movement with the hips, forwards and backwards, side to side, up and there any tips anyone can give with this? tyvm

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Re: Body Movement

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Without seeing the animation all I can do is tell you what I do. Ok, let's get this straight, I'm making an animation by hand and all the body parts are moving in some way but it does not look as smooth as it should be or it looks robotic. First, I don't really use qavimator, other than for some tools it has, and I use poser alot, but again only for specific things. What I use for all my bvh editting is slat. No animation I make comes into SL until it goes thru slat, lol. In that program, I would simply highlight all the frames and subtract almost half of them, and then probably select them all again and add a bunch of frames to the whole set. When frames are subtracted and added, slat takes all the rest of the frames that are left or added and blends them all together. This, essentially, rounds off any sharp animation changes and makes it all look alot smoother. I know Poser has a crude way to do this but I kinda hate using poser for most things. I have no idea if qavimator can do anything like this but I doubt it.