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my account on hold, how can I login?

I think that becuz I login by diffrent IP`s

help me plaese >>>>!!!!

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As Rolig mentioned lots of people log in with different IP addresses.  In fact, I'll say almost everyone here (and on SL) log in with different IP addresses quite often.  I've have 4 different IP addresses since the first of the year (and before that, at least, 6 different IP addresses throughout 2011).  Click on your name at the top of this page (where it says "Welcome Skoni") and scroll down to near the bottom of the page and it will show the IP address of your last log in.  Make a note of that address and check every so often to see if it changes (once a month or so).  It will probably change about every 30 to 60 days.  That IP address is assigned by your ISP and they change rather often throughout the year.

It isn't because of your IP address changing.  You're not telling us all you know.  And no one can offer much in the way of help unless we know what the problem might be.  Just generic stuff which is probably not going to help much at all.

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Lots of people log in from different IP addresses all the time, so there's more to it than that. If you see this error message:

 Login failed; Your account is not accessible until (date/time) 

— this usually means that your Second Life account has been administratively blocked. Short-term blocks (less than an hour) may be the result of inappropriate behavior inworld. Longer blocks are typically the result of abuse.

You will be unable to use Second Life until the indicated time; if that is more than an hour away, you will receive an email from the abuse team on the matter.  Be sure to check your spam filters.  

If you believe that this is an error, submit a support ticket via the support portal. To help customer support determine what block has been placed and why, include in the ticket your Second Life account name and any Second Life accounts that log in from your location.

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See my reply to another person with this problem:

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I don't want to rub you the wrong way.  Your answer was a bit harsh in the previous subject about "account on hold".  It's not necessarily something bad that your account is on hold.  There is almost hardly any violations in Second Life unless it's copyrights and you are always told to remove that item.  I would go with "5.  You didn't pay your bills.  Call Billing support and pay your arrears." which is what happened with me.

Once your account is on hold, it will take nearly forever to release it.  There was a problem with my credit card about 5 years back and they put my account on hold.  Ever since then, they've been trying to release it and it's been unsuccessful till this day.  We're talking about an account from December 12th, 2003 one of the original founders of Second Life.   Plus, I can't tell you how many times Linden chased me with copyrights heehee.  I hope the problem is solved for you because for me; there is no hope.  It's an internal error.