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how do i reinstate my account
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Re-activating a canceled account

If you have cancelled your account, you may be able to restore it, depending on how long ago it was cancelled. There is a US$9.95 reactivation fee for restoring an account.

Warning: Even if your account is restored, the associated inventory, land, and Linden dollar balance may be unrecoverable.

To start the process:

  1. Open a support case.
  2. Under What type of problem are you having? choose Account Issue.
  3. Choose Reactivate an old account.
  4. Enter the required information
  5. Click Submit.
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Contact Linden Labs to reinstate your account and open a ticket or call their support.  If it's been more than 30 days, you may have some issues.

They will ask for your ID and some security questions and as long as you can do that, you will find they are very helpful unless you have been banned.

But you where able to log in here so it looks like you don't need to be reinstated.