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Missing Items in Inventory

Missing Items in Inventory clicked accept and it hasn't gone in to the inventory

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1. Your Received Items folder, waaaaaaay at the bottom of your Inventory.  If you bought the item from Marketplace, that's where it should be.  Move it from there to whatever permanent folder you want in Inventory.

2.  If it's not there, click the Recent tab in inventoiry and see if it's there.  You may have to ShowFilters to look back a day or two if you didn't receive the item during this login period.

3.  If it's still not there, open your Order History in Marketplace, find the transaction, copy all of the details about it (CTRL + C) and paste them into a new notecard (CTRL + V), along with a polite note to the merchant, explaining what happened and asking for redelivery. Send the card to the merchant you bought the item from.  Be patient and polite.  Failed deliveries are not a merchant's fault.  All deliveries are handled by Linden Lab's Marketplace software.  Merchants are usually understanding, but they have Real Lives just like you so they may not respond right away.

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