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Is it possible to return items from inventory to get $$$ "refunded"? Or for L$ credit?

I just received my monthly bank statement.  I had not realized the amount of USD$ I was spending.  I take full responsibility for that and have paid Second Life for the billed amount.  My question(s) are as follows:

1)  I would like my credit card/billing info to be taken off so that I cannot automatically access it.  How do I do that?

2)  Is it at all possible to return items I have purchased in order to get either a) USD$ refunded to my account?  and/or b) receive L$ credit in exchange for these items?  *This question also pertains to my Amaretto Horses and my subscription to*


Again, I take full responsibility for the situation.  I am at this time simply trying to find possible 'solutions' to rectify my actions.


Thank you for your help and understanding in regards to this matter.



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Amaretto Horses is a standalone business own by SL residents just like you.  You would have to negotiate directly with them regarding any kind of product return refund.

People seem to think that if they buy something in Second Life that Linden Labs makes the sale and the money.  That is simply not the case.  You buy virtual items from other SL residents.  They are the ones who got your money so you need to deal directly with them.


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1/ go to your dashboard->account->billing info->remove payment methods

2/ you could try to sell the transfer stuff, but the change that you will compensate your losses is small


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Unfortunately, money spent in SL is the same as money spent in RL. Wether you get a refund is entirely up to the merchant who sold it to you in the first place. As has been said, you will have to negotiate a refund with each one.

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