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Can't Find Received Items Folder
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I just ordered some items on Marketplace and although using all types of keywords to find my items and even typing in "received items" to try to retrieve the folder, I cannot find my items.  I have also typed in the names of the items themselves, and still cannot find my recently purchased items.

Any idea how I may find my received items and or this folder?

p.s.  Have received the bear.  HELP!!!  I've been trying for hours to find my 'received items' without any luck.


ETA:  Hello again, I see your answer below, Ansa.  The viewer I am using is one of the earliest v3 viewers.  A big button on the bottom on the inventory?  I will look.  However, I cannot find the bear either?  I ordered the bear, but cannot find it. 


ETA:  Checked and found the items folder at the bottom of the inventory page.  I need to ask more questions, but will do so later.



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You did not mention which viewer you use. In the latest official Viewer 3, you should have this big ugly button at the bottom of the inventory window. In other versions or viewers: Depends.

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