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can you be raped in second life?

I am very new to the community. I was very excited to have found such a place online. I invited my daughters to check it out. Two of the Three took to it right away. Now one of them has come to me saying someone teleported them against their will to a location they could not leave, and sexually assaulted them. She really loves the community. She doesn't want to talk about it. Please Help with some info. Thanks...


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The only way for someone be forced to teleport and use animations is if they use a RLV enabled viewer AND is using an attachment giving full powers to the other person (like a slave collar, but the scripts can be hidden in any attachment)

For the viewer, be sure that it has not RLV or RLV is disabled.

On attachments, say your daughter to be careful when accepting/using “gifts” given by others.

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As Vania said, the only way that someone can force-tp you somewhere and prevent you from leaving is if you're using a third-party viewer with RLV enabled and if you're also wearing something that's designed to let people force-tp you and and stop you leaving (i.e. just using and RLV viewer and enabling RLV doesn't  do much in particular) and (at least with any legitimate RLV product) that you've explicitly told the thing you're wearing that people can use this functionality on you.

The simplest way for your daughter to check if she's got RLV turned on or not (and people do get confused sometimes) is for you to send her an IM while she's online, simply saying "@version" (without the quotes -- just @version on a line on its own).   If RLV is turned on, she won't receive the message but you will receive an automatic reply with details of the version she's using.   Then she can simply turn it off and relog, or use the official LL viewer.

If anyone does find themselves in a predicament from which they can't, because they're using RLV, extricate themselves, there's always a very simple solution.   Either turn off RLV in the viewer's preferences and relog or simply log out and relog using the official viewer.   

But, as I said, the only way this can have happened with RLV is if she's wearing something designed for role-play that's let it happen.   If she'd like to IM me (here or in-world) I can probably help her identify the item and tell her how to use it safely.


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The basis of SL is that nothing can be done to your avatar by another person without you first agreeing to it. The problems arise when new residents (and even old one sometimes) get tricked into agreeing to something when they are not sure what they are agreeing to.

Always read permission boxes carefully before accepting them, do not always trust what someone "says" you are agreeing to. If in any doubt, decline.

When someone wants to teleport you or animate your avatar you get a request that you can choose to accept or decline, however, if you have already agreed to be someone`s slave and you are collared using the RLV system, that is designed for you to give just the initial permission to use RLV and after that your master can teleport you or animate you without further requests.

So in basic terms, it sounds like your daughter accidentally gave away her right to choose o someone else & she just needs to remove any collar or control device and be a bit more careful about what she accepts in future.

There are also Vampires out there that trick people into giving permission to be bitten as another example. You just need to be on your guard as you would be in RL.

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I hate to be a skeptic here so would appreciate if the OP could tell us her daughter's age.

The OP's wording leaves me with the feeling that her daughters are teenagers.  While remotely possible for an act like this to occur on PG land, it sounds more like something that would have to occur on Mature or Adult land. 

If it is possible to 'force TP' a teen to a mature or adult parcel with RLV, then there is a hole in the system that LL needs to be made aware of.

If the abuse took place on PG land, then it needs to be reported to LL.  LL does save some information for a period of time on their servers and might be able to investigate and respond accordingly.

There is just to much going on here for me to not ask my question.  A teenager might panic and not hit the 'X' (close program) but someone who is older I would think would know to hit the 'X.'

And just to be clear so no one misunderstands me, I am not saying this did not happen.  There are just some pieces of the puzzle that have not fallen into place yet.

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That is a scary experience, whether it happens in SL or RL.  No, you cannot be physically harmed in SL.  You can usually TP away from unpleasant situations and you always have to option of logging out.  Rape, however, is an emotional assault, not simply a physical one.  You can certainly be traumatized by a virtual attack, and that's a very real experience.  Please give your daughter all the support you can, and help her learn ways to protect herself, just as you would in RL.  Experiences like this can be opportunities to learn and grow. 

I have just sent you a copy of the Newbie Woman's Second Life Survival Kit in world.  It contains a lot of very useful information for newcomers to SL, particularly for women.  I think you will find suggestions in there that you and your daughter can use.  Good luck, and welcome to Second Life.  As in RL, there are places to avoid, but many, many wonderful places and very good people.

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Hi Quebrado,

Welcome to SL Answers.

Yes I can believe that althought anyone has all tools to escape in every situation in Second Life can stay and be insulted. It depends on the culture, where people are from and how are they educated. Eg if someone is thought to listen to eldery people will believe them also in SL at first. Some people believe other people in general and are really scared when they are treated badly in internet. I don't know what is this person cultural background and what is her age so you definitely should talk with her taking these factors into consideration. You don't need to talk about the situation but it would be good to talk about dealing with such situation in the future as well as learning how to fill in abuse report next time. You can also inform her that depending on the character of abuse she could consider filling abuse report now. You can talk about possibilities of escaping such situations next time eg.:

- teleporting out,

- logging off Second Life,

- blocking other Resident,

- ability of distinguish people that behave wrong and to whom cultural patterns which this person has shouldn't be applied,

- knowledge about TOS and the list of possible abuses in abuse report, you can read it together and you may ask which abuse she consideres as one which happened.


Good luck.



If you don't know how to block and how to use abuse report let us know in comments. Also write please if you have more questions.


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Quebrado wrote:

.... someone teleported them against their will to a location they could not leave...



- When someone wants telepor me I must accept the invitation, a Resident cannot force a teleport to other Residents.

- Any Resident can always leave a land (or a situation), teleporting or login off.

- Whats "sexually assaulted"? It is possible a verbal assault, of course. But I cannot be forced to use sex animations.

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First off: Use a Linden made Viewer.  Second: Tell your daughter to QUIT (Log off) if that happens.  Third (this can be difficult): Names, Names, Names!!!  WHO teleported her?  WHERE was she taken (Top of the screen says where you are)?  Was she given anything and if so WHAT?  She doesn't have to tell you.  She needs to make a report to Linden Labs about the event; chances are if it happened to her it's happened to others, too.  Avoid anything with a RLV tag on it; it's trouble!

And yes, there are predators here just like in First Life.  It's just easier to catch them in Second Life, that's all.

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Quebrado wrote:

I am very new to the community. I was very excited to have found such a place online. I invited my daughters to check it out. Two of the Three took to it right away. Now one of them has come to me saying someone teleported them against their will to a location they could not leave, and sexually assaulted them. She really loves the community. She doesn't want to talk about it. Please Help with some info. Thanks...


Teleportation against someone's will is impossible.

They could leave at any time by 1. Logging out of second life or 2. Turning off the computer

As her mother, you probably should get her to talk about it.

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It sounds to me as if the thread has taken a funny turn somewhere.  Personally, I doubt that it's as complicated or deeply evil as some seem to be suggesting.  A young woman, a newcomer to SL, TP'd to a place where someone took advantage of her.  The most plausible explanation, IMO, is that she accepted an invitation to TP without knowing what she was doing.  It doesn't take clever RLV tricks to confuse a newbie. Any halfwit lowlife can do it.  She found one.

As for the rape ..... As I told the OP in my first post, you cannot be physically harmed in SL but you can certainly be assaulted emotionally.  I was surprised, myself, by an intruder with a rather intimidating animation and attachment in my private skybox just last week.  Despite four years of experience in SL, it took me several seconds to overcome a burst of panic and ban him.  A newcomer, especially a woman decades younger than I am, has neither the experience nor the range of defensive tools that I do. I am sure that her experience was a frightening one.

My advice to the OP remains the same. Use this unfortunate incident to help yourself and your daughters learn more about how to be "street-smart" in SL.  There are dangers to be aware of, as there are in RL, but they are much easier to deal with in SL once you learn how.  And by all means, don't let this turn you away from exploring SL and meeting all of the truly good people out there.

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It is absolutely impossible to be 'raped' in Second Life. You can certainly roleplay being raped but quite clearly that is by choice and such roleplay sims are in adult areas accessed via age or account verification.

You can be assaulted by physical bumping and this could be by a guy with an erect **bleep**. Certainly could be considered a form of sexual assault but not rape. Someone could be tricked into sitting on a poseball on the pretence that it is something else, in other words being told it is the waltz but in fact it's a sex poseball. You can't be forced onto a poseball though, it's by choice and it's just one click to get off it.

It is absolutely impossible to be teleported against your will anywhere in Second Life.

Second Life can cause glitches that can prevent teleporting out from a location and if the encounter is unpleasant could cause some distress but absolutely nothing can stop you logging out.

So, while obviously something happened to upset your daughter and hopefully she will talk to you about it, she was not teleported against her will and she was not raped. Odd choice of words by the way in your question. You say 'teleported them against their will' not 'teleported her against her will'. Who else was with her? Were your other daughters there too? If so, maybe you could talk to them.

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