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Why would someone surround his house with 117 loud soundboxes in Bagwyn?
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Why would someone surround his house with 117 (maximum) loud prim soundboxes in Bagwyn?




Thanks for the quick responses. I have filed the abuse report. Muting the sound boxes was a problem since they were named "object", I think. Muting the owner made them silent for me, but I do like to entertain occasionally, so this is still a problem. My actual question was one of motivation: What would possess a player to do this to his neighbors?


Conjectures have ranged from "Unaware, just like the noise", "Just Cause He Can", to "Conspirational Land Grab". I do not know. He does seem to be foreign, so that may also be an issue.

Anyway, thanks for the answers. I am going to close this out, maybe move it to Forums for a more dynamic discussion on Griefing.


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Submit an Abuse Report immediately and get any affected neighbours to do the same, the more ARs the better in a case like this.

Linden Lab use to respond to blatant abuses of the Linden Home Rules very promptly (within 24 hours) a year or so ago but lately these are getting ignored for much longer periods, much like the rest of SL,

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You should ask him.

It could be a celebration build, or a protest build.

Has anything in the Region changed, aside from the soundboxes, which may have disrupted the peace?